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Today I went to the doctor because I've been feeling lethargic and sickly, which is usually unlike me. By the end of the visit, the doctor was talking to me about kidney disease and diabetes. I normally don't go to the doctor, but since I've been off raw I've had some problems that are making me feel desperate.

Now I'm back on raw, but I'm wondering if I should keep going to the same doctor and getting conventional treatment for whatever they decide is wrong with me. Part of me doesn't even want to know what they diagnose, and just be completely raw again and hope for the best. In the past I've found that using western medicine techniques to clear a problem has always had really bad side effects...

I watched the doc on healing diabetes with raw foods... anyone know any other resources?


  • There are lots of RAW books that mention diabetes, but I think the following are the best:

    -Gabriel Cousen's "There is a Cure for Diabetes". He blames the western diet and lifestyle (culture of death) for Amercia's high rate of diabetes and states RAW makes it disappear--good reason to stay RAW.

    -Victoria Boutenko's "Raw Family" . All 4 family members were cured of "incurable" conditions including type 1 diabetes with RAW food.

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    Thanks rawfreak :) I have actually read both of these, so I'm glad I hit the good stuff already.

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    How about you go through with the investigations, obtain a dianosis and then pursue raw? i dont think that going raw would necessarily contravene western medicine's advice cos change in diet is the first step in addressing most diseases. then after a few months repeat blood test etc and see if raw has improved your health. i would personally resist medications until you have given raw a go. however, if it does turn out to be diabetes, and this can be serious, monitor your blood sugar level closely, carry a diabetes card and a glucosamine pen, dont do any fasting and eat regular. this must be daunting but trust yourself and you will come up with the right treatment for you.

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