I'm thinking of creating a growth chart for raw infants/toddlers/children

I've been in touch with a raw mom who's concerned about the weight of her toddler. Although the child is thriving in other ways she's worried that he's considered "underweight."

This is based on growth charts for children on the "standard" crap diet.

She even consulted one based on children eating the "standard" vegan diet (which is basically the vegan interpretation of the standard crap diet so it's not a useful tool).

I'm reluctant to create this chart. Although I know it will help so many parents who are worried that their perfect children are "underweight" it may scare some parents who's child isn't on the chart.

I will include some type of disclaimer stating that all "There is more to a thriving child than height and weight."

I can also list other factors that determine a thriving child like energy levels, willingness to learn, etc.

Also I will invite raw parents looking at the charts to please e-mail me information about their children.

So any parents who are interested in including their child's information can e-mail me at Karmyn (at) superbeing (dot) com.

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  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    I think this is fantastic. I'm not a parent but three of my friends who have toddlers have all been told that their kid is in a low weight "percentile." Only one of these families is even vegan. The other two are omnis, but avoid processed foods and have given their kids no refined sugar of any kind.

    We've all discussed how these charts and tables are skewed by the number of overweight/obese children today. What was a "healthy and normal" weight in the 1970s is now considered underweight according to these charts. It's ridiculous.

  • i read that young coconut water is better for infants than formula. that obviously make s alot of sense. please do compile information if you can, i know that if/when i have children i want to include whole natural foods as much as i can. I had a midwife once tell me that i was far better off having kids than most people who eat the standard crap diet. i figured if anyone could tell me my diet was safe, it was her.

  • southernloversouthernlover Raw Newbie

    What a fantastic idea! It's sad that we are all brainwashed into thinking our children have to look a certain way. It bugs me. But, after having my first child 8 months ago, I now understand parents' concern. I find myself worrying about things like weight, and development, quite often... but I'm trying to stay optimistic, and focused.

    Check out my blog if you get the chance... I'm going to check out your site now! :)


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