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How to sprout?

I haven't got a special sprouter, but a lot of recipes I want to try call for sprouted buckwheat. My local health food shop does it ready sprouted but you get very little for the price you pay!

So, go on you beautiful clever people, share the secret of sprouting without the use of technology :D In particular buckwheat - which i dont even know what it is by the way.

Thanks in advance.



  • Its so easy to sprout, you just have to get in the habit of it!

    I use both sprouting trays, jars and nut milk bags sometimes its random what I sprout in but some I have a preference with..

    Buckwheat I prefer to sprout in a nut milk bag, cause it just seems to give the best result I think.

    I soak them for just a few hours in a bowl make sure not to soak them for too long, and then pour them in to the nut milk bag and hang them up to strain and water them once a day.

    Alfalfa I sprout mostly in jars: pour the seeds into the jar enough to just cover the bottom and then I pour water over and leave it overnight to soak, then in the morning I use a cut up piece from a nut milk bag with an elastic band to use as a strainable lid for the jar.

    water it once a day, putting it upside down to let the water run.

    sunflower seeds I often sprout in the sprouting trays, you can sprout them without soaking them or soak them for a bit, just water them once or twice a day.

    Whichever way you sprout its just important to make access for the water to strain properly, so no fungus comes along.

    less water is usually better than more water, but obviously you want to keep the sprouting process going too.

    and when the sprout is good, you just put them in the fridge.

    hope that made easy sense, cause it is really easy =)

  • sv3sv3 Raw Newbie

    I sprout buckwheat all the time - it's dead easy.

    First, I soak overnight in plenty of water, then in the morning I rinse really well in a sieve/colander and leave to drain. Later that day, I rinse again and leave to drain (still in the sieve). Keep rinsing morning and night, then after a couple of days, you'll notice little tails appear - bingo! I then normally dehydrate mine to dry out and store in a jar in the fridge. They are so nice in cereal/desserts/etc.

  • Sprouting buckwheat is totally doable without tons of equipment. I like using a nut milk bag, but actually with buckwheat you don't need to leave it for that long for it to sprout nicely. Especially if you're using it for desserts and recipes and stuff.

    I just put buckwheat in a bowl with some water to cover for a few hours. Then rinse them out and put them in a nut milk bag, or just in a jar like the ones for the magic bullet that have holes at the top. Then rinse every morning & night & you're golden. :)

  • wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

    i do buckwheat in a jar. dump some dry in (about 1/3 the jar) , soak for 4-6 hrs or overnight. I cover my jar with some cheesecloth and a rubber band. drain and rinse. tip jar upside down (at an angle) in your dish rack so the water can run out. rinse once or twice a day. you'll have sprouts. easy peasy.

    keep an eye out for mold. if a few kernals look off, scoop them out right away.

  • eek! wichten, i've heard bad, bad things about eating sprouted buckwheat. i think it's ok to eat them soaked and dehydrated, but i would absolutely avoid the green sprouts. i've read accounts of people developing photo-sensitivity among other bizarre maladies. please look into it. sprout anything else.

  • camiheartsrawcamiheartsraw Raw Newbie

    Buckwheat just sprouted is fine - you want the little sprout to be 1/2 the length of the "grain" or less. And you don't put it in sunlight to green. If you let the buckwheat continue to sprout and turn into a green, don't consume very much. You can build up toxicity. This can happen with different seeds as well (tomatoes most notably).


  • Oh man thanks, I had been trying to sprout and nothing was happening and now I know I was doing it wrong!!

  • The RawtarianThe Rawtarian Raw Superstar

    I've written up my own "how to sprout" blog, complete with pictures. I always have a jar or two on the go. They are inexpensive foods and so delicious. Alfalfa are my favourite sprouts.


    The Rawtarian - Tried and tested raw food recipes - Free


  • macanoogiemacanoogie Raw Newbie

    I feel like such a nerd because I'm so excited! I soaked my buckwheat yesterday and left it upside down overnight in a jar with cheesecloth over the top. This morning I already see little sprouts appearing! I can't believe how quickly these appeared and how easy this was. Thanks to you all for this post! :)

  • Just so everyone knows - you only need to soak buckwheat for 20 minutes, which makes the sprouting process a lot quicker. Any longer than that and you're in danger of "drowning" the buckwheat. Also - buckwheat ferments REALLY easy when sprouting so make sure to rinse it twice as much in cool water as you would your other sprouts. Fermented buckwheat tastes sour and ruins whatever you're trying to prepare (although I've dehydrated fermented buckwheat with good results so they're not a total waste!)

  • greeniegreenie Raw Newbie

    The sproutpeople have a ton of videos on youtube showing exactly how to do it. They've done a great job on them, and show you what the sprouts look like at each rinsing, how to soak, how long, how to rinse, in absolute complete detail.

  • sv3sv3 Raw Newbie

    Intresting info BushCrazyRaw, I normally soak mine overnight but if you can do it in 20 mins that such a bonus!

  • www.kgardener.com instruction and Q&A page.

  • sweetsweet Raw Newbie

    Can you eat as much of buckwheat you want? I eat about 3 cups of dehydrated buckwheat a day. will I gain weight by eating buckwheat and fruit all day? Does anyone get gas by eating buckwheat? I always seem to crave the buckwheat everytime I leave it out in my diet. Is that ok?

  • Wish i could be of help but i prefer the cheap stacked self draining trays. Ive never had a mold issue and for 10 doloors its alot easier to clean than bags or jars at least to me. My friend who sprouts much prefers jars though so its just a matter of personal taste.

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