Hi i'm new here

hi everyone, ive been lurking for ages soaking up the good advice and funky, weird and wonderful recipes.

ive been eating raw for around 6 months now, since 1st july 2009.

previously i was insulin dependant diabetic diagnosed may 2006 as L.A.D.A. / type 1.5.

my choice to go raw/alkaline has meant that i no longer need to take insulin or any other diabetic control drugs. its like i never had diabetes at all. my doctors are confused lol!!!

i feel healthy, happy and I love eating raw.


  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    wow i am so happy to hear that you don't need to take insulin anymore. most people (SAD) don't think you can reverse your diabetes once you have it and you're living proof!! i mean, even your doctors wonder what's going on!! i just love it hahahaha

    what are you favorite recipes you've tried?

  • What an awesome testament to this lifestyle. I'd love to hear your story in more detail. I have a diabetic son who, although he believes in the power of RAW, is not able/willing to do it fully. He probably eats about 70%. Hopefully he can keep on transitioning to a higher percentage. The power of SAD food is too great for him at this point in his life for him to give it up fully. Maybe he needs to see (another) person who overcame diabetes.

  • Aww! Thanks so much for sharing your story. So incredible! Way to go! Keep it up, and keep your doctors guessing.. who knows maybe your doctors will start recommending it to their other patients too?!

  • What?!! And risk losing patients and gaining the ire of their benefactors (big pharma)? I hardly think so!! How will they possibly survive? Besides they have been brainwashed to believe that DRUGS are the answer to all of life's problems. Can you tell I have very little respect for doctors?

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    rawfreak, i feel the same way about them!! i was sick for years with random problems and not one drug helped. my gastro was the worst- he probably gave me 10 different prescriptions that did absolutely nothing.

  • hi joanna,

    mostly i enjoy raw broccoli salads, i recently discovered the power of hemp seed too and i love its crunch.

    ive been playing with the dehydrator but i get terrible belly ache form eating dried stuff. i made great sweet potatoe crackers, they were very moreish ;)

    sadly others on the diabetic forums have not been very tolerant of my journey, it got rather unpleasant :(

  • rawfreak4fr, have a look at his pH levels, i followed an alkalising diet which i strongly believe was what did it for me.

    i'm in the process of writing a book ;)

  • angel, my son's problem is that altho he knows what he "should" eat, he can't stay away from acidic foods like bread. I think he is going thru a growth spurt right now, and he just is not crazy about eating tons of fruit and has many dislikes (such as banana, pear as well as many fruits he will only eat in green smoothies that I make for him). Also, eating RAW is very difficult for a teen who does not want to give up hanging out with SAD eaters who eat all these yummy things like pizza, chips etc. As well, recovery for him would probably be a long process as he has been diabetic for ten years. I guess he's just not ready to fully commit to RAW even tho he believes in it.

  • rawfreak, i can understand your sons reluctance to change right now, perhaps he will make that change in the future ;-)

    my step daughter refuses to eat anything green unless its boiled to death and tastes like s**t! she lives for the typical western diet, it saddens me as she is so heavily overweight. she lives with her mum so theres not too much i can do to encourage her to try new stuff :-(

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