So, what is RAW exactly?

I've read a few things about friends going RAW and how their life has changed.

Im all about eating healthy and getting healthy, but I'm not always like that.

Can anyone explain what is this gone raw thing and what it entails exactly?


  • Simply put, everything you eat has not been subjected to temperatures over 105| degrees which destroys the naturally present enzymes. There are a lot of ways to interpret how and what to eat. Browse around this site long enough and you will see many of the possible variations. You can google RAW food to discover the whys and hows. But be careful, you might get hooked and your life will never be the same (just better!!).

  • sounds good to me

    but what about the soups?

  • CrazyChilean you can make raw soups in a blender or with a juicer. You can even heat raw soups up to 105 degrees F using a dehydrator or on really low settings on the stove.

  • eechoeecho Raw Newbie

    Haha, I like Arnold explaining it, he's a good guy:

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