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So I have browsed old threads and found that VITAMIX Blender is a great blender amongst you, and can function as a food processor too

But- Whart other food processor do you reccomend- please add the brand name. guarantee time and price.

I am looking to buy a great F processor and remember using one a few years back that was of restaurant quality and strenght- but fir the life of me the name eludes me. Maybe it was green King?Master or something similar..

Please share your best appliances here ; jucer- f.processor-dehydrater etc

Thank you !


  • magic bullets are amazing. handy because the caraffe IS the cup! so you can blend and take it with you really fast. great for smoothies and soups. grinding, and whipping. i think i bought 2 for 150 cdn last year, and they seem to be getting cheaper. the only thing is some parts wore out about a year later but they did replace them for me for free.

  • I second the magic bullet. I can't afford a better blender than the ancient one I have (I dream of a Blendtec)

    I also really like my dehydrator, but honestly don't use it all that often. I got it from the Refurbished Excalibur Ebay shop really cheap - it is a "blemished" model, but I have NO idea where the blemish is.

    I just got The Sprout People's ultimate sprouting kit with their hemp bag and cup sprouters and I have a feeling I am going to love those - I have been just using a quart jar with a sprouting lid (which works GREAT, by the way) - I recommend a jar for sprouting. I'm addicted to fresh sprouts.

    I also just got the Pampered Chef cutting boards that have measuring cups that fit INTO it, so you can just slide what you chop right into them. I'm in love.

    I also got a really big food processor a few months ago, which is fantastic, because I think our tiny two or three cup one was on its last leg. I think the brand is Cuisinart.

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    Another vote for the magic bullet!

    I love how small and handy they are. Plus they are really powerful and good for grinding nuts and seeds, and making homemade nut butters.


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    I think different people like different things. I have a mini tribest blender and also have used the magic bullet. I can say after using the Blendtec there is really no comparison. I get frsturated because of the small amounts in the mini-blenders. I am used to huge smoothies and the mini blenders just can't handle it. It's ok for trips and if you are on a budge you can make do but I'd for sure save up for a vitamix or blendtec.

    For food processors, I love my cuisinart. I've had it for 9 years and the motor has never failed. I wore down a lid but got a replacement on ebay. It's a great investment.

    With dehydrators I would say taste some dehydrated things and see if you like the taste. I knew I wanted dehydrated food in my life because I was buying premade raw crackers at the store a lot. It's a much better deal to make your own at home. It provides a nice opportunity to have different textures and more variety in your diet. Excaliber or this dehydrator are probably the best before of air circulation and ability to make flat crackers.

    With all kitchen equipment I say get either second-hand high quality or save up to get it new. The cheap blenders, food processors, etc will wear out and be a waste in the landfill.

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    Wow! Great answers!

    I agree in investing in good quality equipment- it is cheaper in the long run.

    Thanks a lot for sharing your best equipments here. I will start looking for cuisineart and a dehydrator pretty soon- good to have others experience to fall back on when it comes to choosing strong durable machines :)

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    I totally forgot juicers with mill- do you need or use this?

    Just found a website for champion juicers..

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    Another vote for Cuisinart FP. Mine is at least 20 years old and no problems whatsoever. Of course they probably aren't as good as they used to be!

  • I hope this isn't against the site rules to say or anything (let me know!), but I have a dehydrator for sale right now on Craigslist, if anyone needs the best of the best for half price. It's mint condish... I just don't like the texture of dehydrated foods very much, it turns out, so I've decided to sell it. Hopefully this can help someone out.

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