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help, I cheated!

Lyn_goes_greenLyn_goes_green Raw Newbie

I havent been able to get to the grocery store recently, so I ran out of good food by mid morning today--I couldnt function starving, so I caved and ate some white chocolate chips, then I ate more of them. Then my mom came home with groceries and I wanted to get back on the wagon so I ate an apple--which didnt seeem to satisfy me. Then my mom, who doesnt think raw veganism is good for you, offered me some sushi--which I ate (but not much) and felt ok, then she offered me some hummus (these were my favorite SAD foods and I was already worn down and depressed by the chocolate)--so I had a spoonful of that. Now I feel like I'm back on SAD and dont want to be. I love raw--I was only raw for two weeks and the migranes that I'd suffered with for years began to heal--I had more energy--I felt like a better version of myself. Now I'm scared. I'm now depressed and worried I wont be able to get back on the wagon. Help!


  • CalebCaleb Raw Newbie

    You may not like my advice, but don't kick yourself over this. There is more to life than food. I merely eat a high raw diet and am content with that. You don't HAVE to be 100% raw. If you enjoy a cookie now and then or a cooked meal then go for it. If anybody looks down on you for it they aren't worth your time. You can't let the diet own or control you. Enjoy life, eat well and screw up once in a while.

  • Lyn_goes_greenLyn_goes_green Raw Newbie

    Thanks for the advice, but Im afraid you may misunderstand me: Im not worried about people looking down on me(in fact, theyd probably see me better if i ate the SAD) Im worried about falling back into old, destructive habits.

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    When you had sushi, was it vegan? I'd say if you want to transition more slowly, that's not so bad, but keep the animal foods (if any) out of your diet. I'd do raw avocado and cucumber hand rolls and no soy sauce. Get the salt and excess fat out of your diet,, or it will be easier to fall into those old habits. Look forward and happy new year!

  • shawn_rawveganshawn_rawvegan Raw Newbie

    I would recommend getting some quick raw things to eat when you get the cravings like raw cocoa beans, anything quick would work. Also, always have fresh fruits on hand, I find fruits greatly dimish the cravings for junk foods.

    Good luck and I wish the best for you!

  • have_merseyhave_mersey Raw Newbie

    Don't worry about it. Even if you eat something horrible, if you just eat raw afterwards your body will cleanse itself. Stress and worry are unhealthy too. If you do slip, remember 80% still does am immense amount of good. And as far as cooked goes, Sushi and hummus are pretty good. The white chocolate, not so much, but once in a while isn't going to kill you.

    I love white chocolate too. If you can order online, or get your health store to sell it, buy some cacao butter, and mix it with your raw sweetener of choice. MM. :)

  • EloisaEloisa Raw Newbie

    If you really don't want to eat SAD anymore, even though you messed up that day, you still have tomorrow to start fresh. Why not try fasting the rest of the day to get rid of cravings, and start tomorrow off with fresh fruit or a juice to get your taste buds back to craving raw foods. It's all a mental process and about will-power if you really want to resist SAD foods. It took me an entire year to get back on track to only craving raw foods. But I still allow myself vegan cookies every now and then :)

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    It takes quite alot of dedication to stay on raw but dont stress about the cheating, it will only make things more hard and we all know stress isnt good health.

    Start fresh tomorrow.


  • the_chumanathe_chumana Raw Newbie

    Durian, do you ever feel like a broken record? I mean that in a positive way... people don't seem to realize the answers to their problems are basic. They always seem to be searching for ultimate truth when its right there in front of them.

    If you feel that eating cooked food is 'cheating' you may have an unhealthy relationship with food. It shouldn't be about what you did or didn't do right. It should be about what you're going to do right the next time.... After all, its only ONE meal out of your entire life. If you have guilt, eat another apple and RELAX.

  • PonyGirlPonyGirl Raw Newbie

    There is no cheating - that sounds like you are failing or doing something wrong. You were hungry, and there wasn't much to eat. Better planning might be in order, but meanwhile just carry on.

    Worrying and feeling guilty are not good for your health and are probably more detrimental than what you ate!

    For 6 years my husband and I have been 90% raw. The 10% consisted of lightly steamed veggies from our garden and some gluten-free grain-type food like quinoa, millet or rice. Once or twice a month I might indulge at a potluck. My husband continues to thrive, but last Sept. my physical condition began to deteriorate severely.

    I had shiatsu and a metabolic scan. Since 8/21 I have been eating for my metabolism and blood type and feel better than I have in many months. It is a let-down to be advised to eat so many animal products, but I cannot go through my life feeling terrible.

    One nutritional path may be excellent for one person and terrible for another.

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