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bananas and digestion

A bit of an embarrassing question. =)

I love bananas. People used to tell me I should not eat more than two a day because they cause constipation?

I already don't "move my bowels" a lot so I wouldn't want that, but I read many of you eat 5+ bananas every day, so do they give you any problems at all?


  • I eat bananas all the time and I never have any problems.

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    It's not the bananas that are a problem. It's the humans who don't know how to pick ripe, fresh fruit. :)

  • Exactly, alot of commercial bananas are picked green and then ripen during shipment and as they sit on store shelves.. I have no choice because I live in Canada.

    Make sure your banana are FULLY ripe until you consume them. I believe they should have a very sweet taste and enough brown spots on their skin.


  • Apparently, people who live in banana-producing countries don't eat them until they're mostly or even entirely brown. Living in temperate Europe doesn't give me many opportunities to get fresh bananas, like Shawn said they're picked when they're green and this means they don't really ripen properly. But there's a shop up the road from me that sells big bags of just slightly-brown bananas for a euro each (five or six bunches, this is!) so I can get loads for cheap really easily. Wahay!

  • Definately eat bananas that are very ripe. I get a stomach ache from just yellow ones. But, to really know how your body will handle them you are going to just try having more than two and see (just keep some prune juice handy:-) I would suspect that most people who have problems are because they are not very ripe. But, some people can have issues with a particular fruit or veggie. Just because I can eat something and not have problems doesn't mean you will have the exact same experience.

  • Thanks guys! I guess I'll just give it a try then, using very ripe/a bit brown bananas!

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    i eat around 10 a day sometimes and they must be ripe!!! if they even have a touch of green on them, i won't use them. i rarely eat bananas on their own so i like them with a lot of brown spots beause they taste so sweet in smoothies.

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