So most of my life I've always excelled in the science and mathematics, my undergrad is in Mathematics, and lately I've been thinking about learning how to do some art. Mainly because I need some kind of outlet and also because I have tons of idea's in my head and I would like to learn how to express them. How do you go about learning art? Is it too late because I am now 30? Where do I start? I don't really have any intentions of making a living from art or earning money off anything I do I just want to create my own little worlds that are in my head for my own benefit.


  • Take a class, buy a book, get some supplies, go into an art supply store and talk to someone, look at art online or in a is NEVER EVER too late to begin something new!!!! Do it! :)

  • I signed up for some into drawing classes! Stuff I really like comic book art and some digital sci-fi art, I also love futuristic car and motorcycle designs too. I also like looking at some really abstract art too anything that has no real discernible pattern but on an emotional level you it tells you alot or you just feel drawn to it.

  • Never too late. I'm 45 and just started a 6yr (yes 6 YEARS!) part-time Bachelors Degree in Art and Design. It meets one day a week. Great for social end to. It gets me out and lets me have adult conversations too! :)

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    I've met met people who learned art(and even Karate!) in there mid-60's. It's never too late! See if you can find a class at your community center or I'm sure your library has some good how-to books. But most of all, experiment and work at the easle (or whatever). Btw, what medium were you thinking? My hobby (at least one of many) is photography.

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    Rawinirl- ME TOO! I am 47 and just started going back full time for an art degree.

    I was a victim of the 80's in my college years and we all had to be business "marketing" majors back then and now that the kids are big I am finally doing what I wanted to do in the first place.

    I am loving working in the darkroom, playing with power tools, and studying art history.

  • I am thinking plain old drawing and photoshop as my medium, I really like sci-fi/fastasy art and I just started getting to reading comic books and there is some art and stories in that medium that is simply awesome.

    I signed up for some into to drawing classes at my local community center and I found a bunch of photoshop tutorials online I can use to learn some techniques so I'll probably learn photoshop on my own at first and maybe take a class.

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    Spitfiredd- I have a very good friend who is a mathematician and uses her math to make some very impressive art.

    Also have you ever heard of Kandinsky? He took the marriage between math and art to a whole new level:

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    That is so awesome Spitfiredd!! I just had my first drawing class tonight.

    I am a terrible at drawing, but it is required for my school that everyone take drawing.

    Tonight was fun! I know I am bad at it, but it will help with my photography perspective so I am getting what I can out of it.

    Please keep us posted how it is going and if you decided to scan and post your work I would love to see it.

  • I just read this article it's very interesting:

    But it kind of makes a lot sense, heck even when I was working through some complex differential equation I would usually "get it" when I was taking a walk. Heck most of my good idea's come when I go on my weekly hikes. I need to carry a notepad around with me more often or atleast one of the voice recorder's.

    Oh i started my drawing classes 2 weeks ago I am learning alot about drawing and the thing I like is you learn from doing not listening so I think it's easier for me to learn because I can see how a new technique or even a reference can change things, and then you can apply them to future stuff.

  • Who is your friend does she have any work that is available for others to see?

  • IsisDCIsisDC Raw Newbie

    Sure, her stuff is amazing!

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    Spitfiredd- that article was interesting and I can see where some of it is going.

    Yet, I find keeping an open door to some self destruction helps put an edge on my work.

    Most of the best artists, writers, actors...were/are pretty unhealthy and have lots of fun with "substances".

    There is something to work on art puffing cigarettes ... fat doobies... half cocked on absinthe or some new found mescal worm ... washing it all down with gallons of coffee... certain set of "artist's principles" in all that....have come up with some pretty interesting projects that way *grin*...

    I have given up on the cigs and coffee, ... looking forward to see if being raw will effect my work and projects....

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    Good for you! It is never too late to learn how to do art. If you've got ideas, you're already an artist. You'll learn how to express them :)

    Everyone in my family is an artist, but I've never had a natural knack for it like they do. I've always been a whiz behind a camera, that was always my outlet, but no matter how much I understand the use of color, composition, or any other principle of visual art, my lack of drawing always put a damper on my desired career in design. I'm now in the process of learning how to draw via my landscape design class!

    Go for it. If you find it's really something you want to do, then it'll all work out :)

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