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my coworkers

My coworkers make me laugh sometimes....sort of a pitying laugh, but a laugh all the same:)

Last week someone brought in a bag of white bread, a HUGE jar of jam, and a teeny little jar of organic peanut butter.... These people are so hungry because they don't eat anything before work, and so by noon they're reasonably FAMISHED....they swarm to the staff room, and smear their cake --oops, I mean bread:) haha- with jam in great globs...then, they smear the tiniest of tiny smears of peanut butter onto their bread, and declare that as it's January, they'll need to watch what they eat....Ohhhhhh, they're funny people....

I feel sad that they're so hungry, but the idea of globbing jam on and swearing off peanut butter is just so totally ridiculous, you can' thelp but smile:)


  • AVLAVL Raw Newbie

    Ha Ha! I had a similar experience yesterday at work. Two staff members brought "treats" in for everyone (the staff does this once a week). Some of my coworkers were coming in the staff room around 10:45am and they were helping themselves to HUGE servings of cake, pastries, crackers & cheese, hummus (All on the same plate!). When they saw the look I gave them, they were saying that they didn't have breakfast because they "weren't hungry", "were trying to lose weight", "didn't have time", etc. But then they eat SO MUCH crap. They asked me why I wasn't anything, and I didn't want to look all "bitchy" and judgemental, but I just told them that I wasn't hungry. No wonder their energy levels crash at 2:00pm!

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    At least the PB&J is vegan...but yeah. SAD is so, um, sad.

  • We had a huge container of large biscottis from Sam's Club. Because I didn't want to eat any of them, I asked my husband to take it to work and put it in the kitchen for his coworkers. I attached a note that says "Please help yourself." My husband didn't want to take it to work saying they wouldn't go for that, but he sent me email this afternoon and said everything was gone before 11 am! He says the ladies there have a huge potlack feast every Thursday and they keep eating all day long, and on the next day, they have a leftover feast and keep eating all day long again until everything is gone. Sounds like they spend more time eating than actually working. I'm really glad I don't have to look at the scene.

  • While my coworkers usually scarf anything with sugar (especially the ones who are "dieting" - and I can't be one to judge, it wasn't until very recently I got my food and health priorities straight), I was happily surprised when I brought a very large box of citrus to share and it was gone in 45 minutes.

  • silystarrfish, I'm amazed too at how my coworkers will eat large amounts of fruit...but only if I cut it up for them. The other day I cut up the most amazing strawberries and apples for them, and they ate like baby monkeys, just fighting over them. It was SO nice to watch!! I just smiled...and they said, "ah, this is your agenda, to get us eating more fruit like you!"

  • grapefruit.fanaticgrapefruit.fanatic Raw Newbie

    Should we really be laughing about this stuff and mocking these people? Isn't it way more sad than funny?

    Although this surely isn't the case with all of the co-workers mentioned in these posts, we can't forget that many people suffer from eating disorders, which include binge eating. I wonder how many bulimics in our workplaces we don't know about and who lose control when these "buffets" are around, binge and then end up vomiting in the bathroom at work, over-excercising, and feeling ashamed and low. It's a nightmare- I know because I've struggled with bulimia for years. And of course there are those who eat too much because they're depressed, lonely, etc.,...we all know that there's more to eating than what meets the eye.

    This is not to be preachy or to excuse people's poor decisions about food, which ARE the culprit in many cases, but rather to point out that we don't know what's going on in each person's life or what struggles they may have.

  • You are absolutely right, grapefruit.fanatic. Thank you for pointing that out.

  • Good point, grapefruitfanatic. I too am bulimic and raw food is part of my healing process. I'm still working on my raw priorities and sometimes I give in to cooked food only to feel guilt and unhealthy emotions right away.

    But I'm VERY grateful for raw food AND the people here who point out just how healing it really is! SAD food IS sad, and I realize that I'm my "saddest" on that crappy food. Coming on this site really helps when seeing people who are healthy and happy to be raw. Please, laugh all you want! Hopefully I'll be able to in a few months and all the struggles of going back to SAD are out the window.

    We only want the best for ourselves and everyone else around us. The obvious approach is just being raw and not shoving it in other's faces. But this is certainly the correct place to unleash our frustrations with this SAD, SAD, world.

  • Awesome post, chattanoog. I'm not sure it could have been worded better.

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