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Detox-The Untold Truth

No matter how embarassing it may sound. I heard of some cases where people's urine gets funky and for some women who have had vaginal discharges, funky breath, and actually funky smelling skin that needed extra cleansing due to the body purging itself of toxins. Can someone please fill me in on whether these things are possible? Because I know people choose not to talk about it because it's a little more personal. But I'd want to be prepared for it all. It's just like weight loss, which I've experienced before, when people talk about their rings on their fingers sliding off, shoe and clothing size changes. However, no one mentions that their drawers and panties don't fit anymore and they have to get new ones although it is the truth and a part of the weight loss journey. So people, someone, please open up and tell me RAW facts about the detox process and symptoms even if you must tell me that I may need to bathe more because I don't want to be surprised and go to a doctor unnecessarily. thanks a lot. God Bless.


  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    well there is no way to be prepared for it all because it's different for everyone. from reading a lot, i'd say the most common symptoms seem to be fatigue, digestive upset, and skin breakouts. google detox for more scary details!

  • freewitheftfreewitheft Raw Newbie

    I definitely notice more body odor when I'm on the Master Cleanse, but OTOH my skin looks amazing. I always get compliments from people that I'm glowing, whether they know why or not. I guess that offsets the nasty coated tongue too. One thing that really helps with body odor is chlorophyll. It's an amazing internal deodorizer. In fact, dog breeders often give it to their bitches in heat so that the males don't go crazy from the scent. ;) A great supplement that is high in chlorophyll is chlorella, an algae. It's awesome because it's a great "clean-up" tool that binds mercury and other toxins. So when you are de-toxing and mobilizing all those toxins, it will help bind and move them out of your body quicker. Of course, you can't do that on the Master Cleanse because you can't ingest anything other than what's on the plan, but you can otherwise take as much as you want. If you try chlorella, make sure your stools turn green or you are part of the population that can't digest the cell wall, so it's passing right through you. An alternative is to get "broken cell-wall" chlorella. I get loose chlorella powder from my acupuncturist and add it to smoothies. You just have to be careful because anything it touches will turn green! lol

  • i've noticed odor, especially in the pitts....but its an easily washable odor; or if in a position where i can't wash, i use the crystal deodorant which almost immediately remedies the prob.

    i've noticed i don't need to use 'antiperspirant/ deodorants' anymore; the crystal works just fine...even in high-movement, intense situations.

    i get a really filmy, cloudy blah tongue when i wake up, filled with nastiness--- possibly toxins excreted and multiplied in my mouth and throat when i'm asleep? but i've found oil pulling (ayurvedic) to work wonders for getting rid of this, and for cleansing.

  • Deadly SteveDeadly Steve Raw Newbie

    Here's my own experience, not for the squeamish! When I started off raw I farted loads for about four days, really bad ones, like I had a dead sewer rat stuck up there. And when I went to the toilet it smelled like a beach does a few days after a summer storm! It was really sticky too, took half a roll to wipe every time. I also got headaches, and lesions on my arm and neck that went all scabby. So, have fun! :)

  • dude, DS- i've sooo had gas too thanks for reminding me...like, gas and bloat? but this was when i aimed for high-fruit, low-fat days. (like today, i've consumed all fruit (with the exception of 2 raw onion- dill bagel sandwiches for breakfast).....

    also i've noticed that my craps are really...i dunna, substantial like, i swear i felt like i crapped out a small child!

  • RawNibblerRawNibbler Raw Master

    lol!!! Hilarious! I love this site!

  • another thing i noticed---when raw, drink PLENTY of water....cold water.. because ive noticed that when i dont, i get really bad cramps and headaches--- worse than when i would go without water with cooked foods. plus being dehydrated while raw, it makes you feel icky, and stopped up; and this may possibly be the primary cause in my constipation, gas, and other digestive issues. its almost like the toxins are getting released from my internal systems, but without water to flush them out, they're getting stopped up again. dont quote me on that; i can only speak from my experience... i'm not a doctor.

  • @ItVeganAtGenesis - you took the words right out of my mouth!!

  • sisterbeckysisterbecky Raw Newbie


    I'd like to add something for you to think on. It's on topic, but not exactly answering your question. Please take it into consideration.

    I question the wisdom of our acceptance of detox symptoms as a healthy thing. You see comments on many raw sites about it. I believe it goes back to our cultural belief (most likely uncounsciously) in the "no pain no gain" mentality. We feel we are doing something good for us because it hurts.

    I wonder how wise this philosophy is?

    Pain is usually a sign that we are doing something wrong. Usually adjusting our diet too quickly. Your body needs time to adjust to changes. Gradual changes tend to stick, as opposed to harsh changes that leave you feeling sick. Eating raw is suppose to make us feel better- not worse (imho). Please consider slowly adjusting your diet, if you are coming from a junkfood, high sugar, white flour kind of diet.

    If you transition a bit more gradually, you will be able to actually listen to your body- instead of getting use to ignoring your body and writing everything off as detox. If your digestive tract isn't constantly in an uproar, if you do happen to try a veggie or fruit that doesn't agree with you, you'll actually notice it at the time and be able to make a healthy adjustment.

  • RawNibblerRawNibbler Raw Master

    My scalp needs a shampoo more often now (as opposed to once every two weeks with conditioner washes in between)- which is odd for a black woman with dry, kinky hair. I have had to add tee tree oil and peppermint oil to my scalp. I think I'm going to switch to Giovanni's Tee Tree Shampoo and Conditioner (currently using Giovanni's Smooth As Silk)

  • I've googled it and found nothing. So I have to rely on the openness and honesty of everyone on the forum.

  • Okay people. Thanks for the experiences and comments and please keep them coming. The results on google are not this detailed and informative. I guess even health care professionals don't even want to get inot the truth about the things that could occur.

  • I'm conclusively high raw this week, after realizing that I have been really eating that way for the last week and a half. I am having these symptoms:

    icky breath in the morning!


    headaches that I usually associate with caffeine shortage, but I've been "off" coffee for a while only drinking it one or two times a week.

    also I recently moved to a new place and I at first attributed my greasy hair to the new minerals in the water. My hair gets all greasy the day after washing it - I feel greasy going two days without washing which is ridiculous! Could this perhaps be a shift in diet? It has really only been two weeks of high raw. I am planning on making the shift to no-poo and am wondering as a woman with short, normal-to-oily wavy hair should do for the process?

    All this to say - is the detox worth it? Has anyone made the transition to raw, gone through the funk, and come out loving the raw life? I'm sure some of you have.

    Also - any shampoo/hair advice would be lovely.

  • RawNibblerRawNibbler Raw Master

    dandi, i'm having the same problems with my hair...it's sickening, because my hair have never smelled unclean in my life! Today I had to add baking soda to my shampoo to really get it clean (I typically only shampoo once, but lately I"ve had to apply 'poo twice). I used Giovanni Smooth As Silk Conditioner after my 'poo but not the leave-in, because this extra oil is really irritating my scalp and causing flakes.

    My hair is short-medium length, but I have afro textured, kinky-curly hair. I actually straightened my hair,( which I rarely do) to prevent over conditioning (adding oils) to my hair for at least this week. I really hope this works. I can't stand the smell.

    With the gas, I learned to food combine and that has really helped out. Actually, I don't have gas anymore. I hope this helps.

    I do think it's worth it, because it's only temporary

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