I buy dates sometimes and I really love them and know that I can make alot of good healthy sweets with them to have on hand (or bring hiking since dates and nuts are so dense), at around $8/lb for Medjool dates which are nice a moist and sweet I think these are kind of expensive. Is there somewhere online where you can get some for a better rate than you would at the store?


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    Check out SunOrganic -

    I buy the 3 pound or the 11 pound options. There is a nice drop in price when you do this, so I buy in bulk and either:

    Store in my refrigerator or split the shipment with friends and family.


    Kristen Suzanne

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    check out the date people ( i think- but you may want to google it) They have all kinds of different types of dates. I still want to try their peanut butter dates. how good does that sound?

  • Whats the difference in all the kinds of dates? There's Medjool, Halawi, Deglet Noor, regular pitted dates and Zahidi (there might be a few other's). Is anyone type preferred in making snake types foods like fruit and nut bars and some of the elegant baking items or does it not really matter?

    I noticed on one site they were selling "Cooking" Medjool dates that were cheaper and they said that these dates were drier than their "choice" dates but you could always moisten them by soaking them in water. I mean how much are you sacrificing if you can just soak the dates for a while and get the moisture that you want?

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    their website doesn't work anymore. you can call them by googling their number. the barhi dates are best in my opinion.

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