Anybody else into..

Homemade as in buying and creating/supporting local community? I work at a Supermarket (planning to go back to college but thats just me defending myself and not relevant lol) anyway, I see people coming through buying all these bulk items etc .. I understand buying bulk... but I also know how much a supermarker..not to mention a chain (which I work for) can make in a day.

For those interested it is Asda (wal-mart) and since Im come from a small village and my town is losing itself to big supermarkets ..the town isnt that big yet we have 5 LARGE supermarkets, two medium and a small local Marks and Spencers with plans for another supermarket to be built. The local Market is facing breaking point, the people whose family have been running stalls there for generations are all moving out etc

I find that quite sad. The supermarkets sell everything, the funny thing is the same factories make (example) Bologanise Sauce for nearly all companies anyway, just label it differently.

I hate the fact we are encouraged to be consumers and not producers. I love going to the farmers market when I can and I like to make statements for example when I do shop in supermarkets and buy rice milk I buy the brand thats been around for years and years...not just the cheap brand that is simply the supermarket jumping on the health bandwagon (it tastes awful anyway)

Also I love shopping on Etsy as I love having unique items that nobody else will.... crafted lovingly by someone ... designer but without the shocking price.

Anyone else in the same frame of mind?


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    I try to shop at the local independent grocers whenever possible, and purchase at least 85% of my groceries from local producers (locally grown or local company). The other 15% are things that don't grow in the region, like cocoa, vanilla, bananas, avocados, etc, and the occasional frozen fruit or vegetable when I missed the farmer's market or have a craving for something out of season (rare).

    But, I too am guilty sometimes of choosing convenience and price when heading to Whole Foods over the independent natural foods store.

  • I despise supermarkets, they destroy the character of wherever they set up, push dodgy crap, and undercut everyone else out of business before raising their prices dramatically. The only statement you can make by buying in a supermarket is "I SUPPORT YOU! SELL ME MORE STUFF!". Their sole purpose is to make profit, and this is more important to them than anything or anyone. The only scruples that come into it are based on solid market research, it's all the same motive in the end. I only give anything to these vermin out of absolute necessity!

  • Also to mention: Chain Store Fashion, non-organic and unfair trade, example Primark..yes I'm paying

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