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Vita Mix or Blendtec for the best Green Drinks?

HI! I am crazy about green drinks (combine D' anjou pears, celery, kale and water for an AMAZING drink!) And I am looking for the best blender for the job. My sister and my mom have Vita Mixes, and they work beautifully; however, my mom was reading that the Blendtec was even better... what would your advice be?


  • laurajlauraj Raw Newbie

    I was curious, and this is not in regards to your question, since I don't yet have my dream Vitamix or Blendtec blender yet, but what is the recipe for the pear/celery/kale smoothie? I'm used to blending Bartlett pears, raspberries and kale, but I have D'Anjous that are screaming for your recipe. Half a head of kale? How many stalks celery? How many pears? Thanks so much!

  • You know at $500 ++ how much more better can something get??

  • I'd go Blendtec. Stronger motor. Easier to clean. Less expensive. Vitamix has a better warranty though. Check out 2-life.com for good deals on both blenders.

  • have_merseyhave_mersey Raw Newbie

    Both are good enough to do the job, but Vita-mix has a better warranty.

  • I got a 6 year warranty with mine by buying blendtec at a home show...

    i really like it... although, i've not tried strawberries, i did still crunch grape seeds at the demo.. i want my seeds obliterated. ha ha

  • I think both are great. It's more a matter of what you're looking for... sometimes price is an issue too, so we can give you our opinion as much as we want but you'll probably need to try the blendtec before you know! :)

  • My mom let me borrow her Vitamix for a couple of years before she wanted it back and my dh ordered me a Blendtec for Christmas. I really didn't think I'd like the Blendtec as well since it doesn't have a tamper to stir and and on another Vitamox vs Blendtec thread on here someone mentioned the Vitamix seemed to get things a wee bit smoother. I wanted to send it back and get a Vitamix, but since he ordered it though a private seller, he would have lost part of his money so I kept it. To my surprise and delight I love it more thatn I did the Vitamix!

    I LOVE that it fits easily under my cabintes on my countertop, so I don't thave to take it apart and store it in the cabinet lugging the heavy base back and forth like I did the Vitamix. It is attractive and looks nice sitting on the counter. I don't need the tamper at all with the Blentec. Maybe because the container is shaped slightly different- more square thant the Vitamix- so it whirls the ingredients more fully, but probably due to the higher horsepower motor, too (3 hp vs Vitamix's 2 hp). I LOVE that I can just hit the "smoothie" button (pre- prgrammed) and then do other things while it blends it perfectly each time. There is a "pulse" button and variable speed "up" and "down" buttons for anytime I want to customize or do more, too, along with the other pre-programmed buttons and you can pre-program whatever you want, also, ao lots of options. I thought I would miss the dial from Vitamix, but I do not at all and actually prefer Blendtec's buttons. I love that I don;t have to buy a seperate container if I wanted to make my own flours like you'd have to with Vitmix (dry container is $145- different blade they say).

    I think Vitamix's little recipe book is a bit better than Blendtec's, although that is a non-issue for me since they both are geared a bit more toward standard family foods/meals, albeit a bit more healthy versions than most of western society.- but I got mine for smoothies and raw foods mainly.

    Vitamix definitely has a better warranty (7 years vs. Blendtec's 3 years).

    All in all, I think you CAN'T go wrong with either one- they're both AWESOME... but Blendtec is definitely my favorite, despite my original loyalty to Vitamix. Blendtec was about $50 less than the Vitamix, too.

  • Germin8, not discounting your feelings- your mentions reminded me how I love the Blendtec better for its easier cleanup, but especially also that the different shape of the container allows me to get most all of my smoothie (or food) out of the container, unlike the Vitamix which I always hated how much was left in there that I couldn't seem to scrape out that just got wasted! I hated losing all that goodness and throwing money away not being able to get it out even after scraping with a rubber scraper each time. Grrrr.

    As far as the hole in the lid, I wonder if your model is an older one than the basic one I just got over Christmas. Its lid has a very large separate clear piece that easily comes off to add more ingrediants if you wish. I just always pop the whole lid up though since it isn't hard to do. I also don't cut my fruit and veggies up much at all, just as I did with the Vitamix... again, perhaps a difference in models is the reason we're seeing different results.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    I own both the VitaMix and BlendTec... and VitaMix wins, hands down. Well, this is comparing the VitaMix with the BlendTec using the original size container (BlendTec has a much larger one now which seems to work quite well... but you have to pay for that extra container).

    However, at $350-$400 each, you really are getting a good blender... it just depends on what you want.

    Here's why I like my VitaMix over my BlendTec.

    - TAMPER: The BlendTec doesn't need a tamper, but you have to cut the pieces small to make it work "right" or your food will get stuck and wish you had a tamper.

    - SOLID: I've seen my BlendTec jump! The food wasn't cut at the right size (or something)! VitaMix is heavier, but "solid".

    - LID OPENING: Both blenders have an opening on the lid. The VitaMix one has a bigger hole, which makes it a whole lot easier to add more food in... like water, fruit, etc, to get the desired consistency, color, etc.

    - NO AUTO-SHUTOFF: I don't like how the BlendTec "thinks" it knows what consistency I want my food. When it auto-shuts off, I usually need to blend for longer.

    - CONSISTENCY: The green smoothies made in a BlendTec aren't as smooth as in the VitaMix. Sure I can blend longer, but what's the auto-shutoff feature for if I have to press more buttons to turn it on again.

    - KNOB vs BUTTON PRESSES: I don't like having to push those buttons several times to get the speed I want. The VitaMix has much better precision control with one knob. Besides, why would the buttons of the BlendTec be ABOVE the screen you are trying to see... that's not the best UI.

    - WARRANTY: And of course, the VitaMix has a better reputation... and longer warranty.

    The BlendTec is easier to clean (edit: I mean, easier to get food out), smaller, cheaper, only needs one container, and has auto-shutoff... but the above reasons are why VitaMix wins for me! IMHO.

    Here are more details and other's opinion:


  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Oh, I know how you feel aspire. I feel the same way about VitaMix... how you just can't get all that precious food out.

    BTW, I did check the Products section on BlendTec and they do have a lid with bigger opening! No wonder, I got my BlendTec for $50 less... it was an older model!

    This is great they have one, because you can add more food into it... when it's more liquid and it will blend easier... still, it will stop on it's own even if you are not ready. I don't cut my food that small on the VitaMix, probably because I really use that tamper! :o)

    Did you get the 3 Qt container for BlendTec... the link I provided has a video w/ the comparison... and I am impressed w/ BlendTec's 3Qt container... it even seems to out-do VitaMix. I haven't tried the 3Qt container... but, I'm not about to buy one either... my BlendTec is not functioning like it would last longer than the VitaMix. The motor has a funny sound to it and I wouldn't invest more with it. (I got the BlendTec after the VitaMix.)

    No worries about your comments/myfeelings... both are good blenders... just depends on what YOU prefer... the variable control, tamper, no auto-shutoff, and reputation is exactly why I choose VitaMix... (until I try the BlendTec 3 Qt container, I prefer VitaMix).

  • I can't speak for the Blendtec but I am SO in love with my Vita-mix! ;)


  • Well, here is a video on what the Blendtec can do . . . dry-blend an iPhone . . . LOL!

    It can blend other similarly chunky items too . . . a demonstration of its motor power.

    I wonder about the integrity of its blade(s) after having done such blending though . . . . . . .

  • No, I have the 2 quart container. I do feel like the Vitamix container held a wee bit more smoothie overall, but not sure if it's just my imagination since the whole thing fits under my cabinets on the countertop and the Vitamix doesn't. And then since I can get almost every bit of the smoothie out to drink, I feel like it's an even trade off even if the Vitamix does hold a bit more liquid.

    Oh, I sure hope the Blendtec holds up well over the years since the Vitamix's warranty is over twice as long as Blendtec's! A bit of a gamble, but only time will tell. I'll let people on here know when it does eventually go out on me. I use mine everyday for green smoothies for my hubby, myself, and our dog. :) Not related, but I'm so excited that hubby got off his high bloodpressure medication after only 3 weeks of drinking a green smoothie every morning! He is not vegetarian, let alone raw, but he looks forward to the smoothies now depsite his initial wariness of trying them. Yay! :D

    I think if Vitamix changed their container shape to better get the goodies out and lowered the whole unit to fit easily under your cabinets on the countertop, I would be much more likely to go back to Vitamix! They were the original, afterall and I'd like to support them. But I'd have to see some changes. As long as my Blendtec will hold out for at least 5 years, I will remain sold on them overall. If it doesn't hold up but for a couple for years, then I'll definitely reconsider. That's a lot of money to not have it last for many years!! :)

  • In my experience, Blendtec/Vitamix discussions are a little like Honda/Toyota, BMW/Mercedes, Saab/Volvo, discussions. Everything under discussion is 1st rate and high performing. There are differences is style and specific features. But the overall performance is solid for everyday activities. I prefer Blendtec and use mine everyday. I don't want or need variable speed blending, but some people do.

  • I've owned both myself and like someone else above said, for me, hands down prefer the Vitamix.

    I like having the tamper if i am making nut butters or anything that needs tamping, I prefer the design, I prefer the knobs and setting to the speed i NEED depending upon what I'm making.

    The warranty is also great at 7 years, and the container is BPA FREE.

    That's my pick hands down.

    You can get free shipping to the USA or CANADA with my code: 06-004658

    on your entire order.

    see http://www.BlendEverything.com (shameless plug) and I'll be happy to teach you a thing or two if you purchase one or more.

    Additionally, you can get a 3 payment plan!

    For me, it's like tires

    You're going to use them for a LONG while and your LIFE depends on them.

    Your health depends upon what you put in your body and owning fine kitchen tools that LAST (key point) will actually SAVE money in the long and short run.

    I don't care if the blandtec can blend a woodchuck in a hut

    (the vitamix could too)

    I still choose and recommend the Vitamix wholeheartedly.


    ...may the raw be with you...

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