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I broke my fast after a mere 3 days, well, less than that considering day 3 isn’t completely over. It wasn’t very hard in terms of cravings at all, but the weakness got to me and I started shaking like mad. I was doing a grapefruit fast and eating only grapefruit, trying to go for a week. I dunno, is this normal, or was it my body saying this is too much for now and I can’t do it? The sourness was starting to hurt my mouth and earlier I was feeling a little sick from it. All I had now was dates… Don’t know why I picked them, probably because they’re sweet. Is there a point to continuing or should I stop?


  • listen to your body! You are the ultimate expert when it comes to you! I am sure you will do what is right for you! You probably picked the dates because they are rich in vits A and B1 as well as mag and phous. You probably needed these nutrients! Good for you for going three days. I would do the master cleanse if I was cooler..I am a wimp when it comes to a fast (or I was…the secret…I am in perfect health) Anyway Good luck!

  • the more closed you get to natural laws of nature, see post ” don’t be afraid of the sun” and the more easy will be for you to fast, you need to get rid of all the conventional wisdom to which you have been bombarded all your life by the media, last year I went to brasil in a very special community in a forest ( I can’t say the name, they don’t want any advertising, they believe people will find them when they are spiritually ready) and I did a fasting of 3 weeks without any problems, the first week a complete fasting without eating and drinking the other 2 weeks fruit juice fasting. If you free your mind by the fear of getting weak, sick, dizzy etc you’ll be ok

  • 3 days is longer than I would have made it. Unfortunately I take xanax daily so I can’t eat grapefruit. I end up laid out on the couch if I try to eat it :(

    Ambikalee, that master cleanse… ugh. I have no mental tolerance for that kind of thing I guess. Tried it but my idea of a good healthy time is not running to the toilet every 10 minutes. And that saline flush? Get out of town >.< So gross!

  • katmondu: Oh my gosh, yes that saline flush almost made me vomit! YUCK! I couldn’t handle the master cleanse either, so disgusting. For a day sure, but for 9 days?! No way I can drink that nasty stuff for 9 days in a row. When I’m feeling better I’m going to shoot for the a 3 day watermelon cleanse, several people on here have mentioned it.

    Morning_theft: I think for your first fast 3 days is really good! You should be proud of yourself.

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    Thank you everyone for being so supportive! I think a big problem is that I have some crazy blood sugar issues, and it can drop at times… Grapefruit isn’t very sugary and I hear it lowers your blood sugar, maybe it got too low and that’s what made me sick? Also, I’m pretty underweight, and was losing weight just from not being hungry lately and from fasting of course (though that’s probably mostly water) either way, I just felt like it was WRONG and had to stop. I wasn’t afraid it would happen, I thought I’d feel a lot better actually, I was surprised at how bad I took it.

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