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Juice fasting help!!!

Okay ... so I need a bit of help! I've been raw 5-6 months now, and I just started my first juice fast 7 days ago. I mostly wanted to do this because I've been constipated and breaking out (my first real signs of detox since I started). Things have been getting a little better, but I've still only had about two 'BM's since I started the fast. I looked into ways to get things moving and came across warm lemon juice .. it seemed to be helping, but, not to over-share or anything, but I started to get the runs. This never happened to me before. Still, the constipation problem hasn't been solved, and it seems just like a lot of the beet juice I've been drinking is well .. going out the wrong end. I know this is not pleasant at all, but you can understand my concern! I didn't give myself a time frame for my fast, but I was hoping to do it until my bowels were in working order.

My question is .. should I stop the fast now? Is this normal? I've heard of this happening on the Master Cleanse, but I thought juicing would be different. Anyone have any sound advice?

In case it's relevant I've been having 4-7 cups or so of juice a day, Rejuvelac and warm lemon juice in the morning / during the day, spinach, celery, lettuce, sprouts, cucumber, zucchini, carrots, beets, apples, oranges .. that may be it. Any guidance would be absolutely appreciated!!


  • Ok, I dont know the actual reason, or if its good or bad, but it always made sense to me that things would start to come out liquid if all I was putting in was liquid....

  • ambiguousambiguous Raw Newbie

    I agree that putting only liquids into your body might not be the best way to encourage solids to come out. Plenty of liquids is great, but having some soluble fiber along with it would probably be more effective at moving things along. Evacuating only liquid is a common fasting/detox symptom.

    If you do want to continue the fast, an herbal laxative tea or a salt water flush would probably be helpful. It's always a good idea to do something to help your bowels while fasting. Also, are you saying you're throwing up the beet juice? If so, you may be having too much at once--that's a totally normal reaction to too much beet juice. It's also common for your urine to turn red or pink with lots of beet juice.

  • I tried a herbal laxative but it didn't really do much

  • I recently tried a product called pHlush by Robert Young who promotes alkaline blood levels and has a greens powder product as well. It worked wonders for me, and I regularly do colonics because of constipation. This product helped clear some of the mucoid plaque that a regular laxative won't. Also, I would highly recommend the Master Cleanse. I did 12 days last summer and have never felt better. I plan on doing it again this summer (despite the protestations from my hubby -he said that I got too thin:)

    Good luck Scooterjinx, and don't give up trying.

  • freewitheftfreewitheft Raw Newbie

    Scooter, you could try hemp powder in your green smoothies. Lots of benefits there, the chlorophyll and its a complete protein. And it keeps me going regularly. ;)

    I love the Master Cleanse too. Definitely helps get stuff moving out of there, more than you could imagine was still in there. lol

  • Out of curiosity....have you had your gallbladder recently removed?

  • what about ginger? have you been using ginger root in your juices? you'll find ginger in a lot of juice recipes, because it promotes digestion.

    otherwise, if all else fails, just try taking some vegan fiber. I am starting a juice fast today, but I will still be downing my vegan fiber capsules to promote good digestion. I never go without fiber, personally...

    lemon and ginger, otherwise, see how that works :) also lots of apples! (and maybe mixing in some of the pulp from time to time may help getting you some more solids to digest... the pulp is good for you too!)

  • In my experience most people benefit greatly from regular enemas and/or colonics while juice fasting.

    Making smoothies in the vitamix or similar which include all of the fiber is a great way to reduce constipation issues while detoxing :)

  • I had a colonic while juice fasting and lost about 10 pounds in one sitting.

    Well, I wasn't really sitting. More lying down.

    I felt every cell in my body detox at one point.

    Highly recommend it as well.

  • I've got colon cancer, tick tick tick tick.

  • sweetheartsweetheart Raw Newbie

    colonic - Do It Yourself or get it done - it is a joyfully still feeling to

    have it all washed clean - for a moment - before all the cravings cut in,

    the body is in a state of rare physical emptiness. Do yoga twists and run/walk

    as fast as you can for a mile or two - a little adrenaline never hurt a body.

    Sometimes to purify deeper, you have to do the opposite of what your mind thinks

    is purifying... its tantric and true about life, just illogical -

    but given the fallacy of rationality - no big one.

    The body and mind are not separate - what are you holding on to.

    .. apologies if this is too personal or too suggestive and wrong.. just a vibe...

    Stick with the smoothies in the long term - screw the short term... shit, don't shit,

    eat a smoothie a day for years and win the real prize.

  • Stop eating apples (if you eat them) and that might be your answer for your BM issue.

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