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  • Natural Hair Color



    mayaling said:

    I agree about henna. I used to colored my light hair with henna and I was soft red, sometimes even like dark gold. And my hair was strong and shiny, but a little bit dry so you need to use some balm or hair conditioner. Well I used egg's mask and coconut oil. Now I color my hair with ordinary hair dye and I'm not happy about it. I want to find some eco colors, but it's hard to find colors that I like. I'm thinking..well, can I do some red ombre with henna?? Does anybody know or do something like that?


    I did this. It took me for about 3 hours. I watched two movies when I did this.
    I made my henna paste and put a towel under my hair.
    Then I started to apply the henna paste gradually, every 30 minutes or so a little bit higher. I kept doing that until I did half of the length. Then I made some 'highlights' to my scalp.. When reaching my scalp, I only applied it on the hairs on the outside, the hairs that fall down on my side part, I didn't do all the roots. (don't know how to explain this properly)
    I only full hennaed the hair ends. I think my lazy-not-hennaing-everything makes a big difference because it creates the contrast between the darkbrown of my virgin hair color underneath and the henna auburn.

    I also think the results are best if you're using henna for the 1-5th time because you don't have a henna color buildup yet. This was the second or third time I applied the henna. I think it's funny that it became more obvious after I did a full henna application some months after! (Again, not doing the hairs laying underneath!). It made the reddish tone more radiant.

    I'm very happy and I think I'm going to maintain the ombre effect.

    Good luck if you want to do this!

  • what kind of diet can someone eat,to change the color of eye

    Remember that genetics also plays a role in this and it isn't goimg to be the same for everyone. Also the colour of our eyes is determined by chemicals e.g. melanin. A change in chemicals can lead to a change in eye colour, (however you would probably also have to have the genes for the particular eye colour I would say). Further, disease, trauma and aging CAN change your eyes also, for as we know these three things can create chemical changes within the body.