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  •     mayaling said: I agree about henna. I used to colored my light hair with henna and I was soft red, sometimes even like dark gold. And my hair was strong and shiny, but a little bit dry so you need to use some balm or hair conditioner. Wel…
  • Except diet you should probably hold onto your gym membership, too. If you hav'nt possible or don't like gym try cardio way , it's should be running or home trainer. Although it’s tough to slim down with exercise alone, staying active does help with…
  • At first create best of the best essay and send, send, send . On my option there are some ways : -Find a sales job at a small, consumer startup like a saller  -Start writing a ton and get into copywriting for a startup that needs fuel for its cont…
  •   I haven’t heard . I was able to cover my silvers very well with henna + indigo. I used Rainbow Dark Brown (it's just henna and indigo), mixed with tap water and some vinegar, applied immediately. It's easy to use and I would recommend it to use …
  • I believe it can be reversed...but how?   Depends on your age. If you are below 30, then gray hair might be a sign of Vitamin B12 deficiency. I'm 28, and a year back I spotted a lot of gray hair in the mirror a day after I got a hair cut. Anyw…
    in Grey Hair Comment by streem26
  • Remember that genetics also plays a role in this and it isn't goimg to be the same for everyone. Also the colour of our eyes is determined by chemicals e.g. melanin. A change in chemicals can lead to a change in eye colour, (however you would probab…
  • You're doing right ! Everyone who has ever experienced a caloric deficit has done so through burning more calories than they eat . 1200-1600 cal a day..It's enough ? you have plenty intensive activity.. 
  • I had dreads one time whrn I was in Goa. I was a blonde, and I really liked the result http://hairstylezz.com/best-dreadlock-styles-for-girls/23/ An important piece of advice I got from a friend who has had dreads for years told me that in order for…
    in Dreadlocks Comment by streem26
  • Good tips without cario and count of calories I cant lost my fat :)  
  • I would've responded with ideas... but I had none. And when I have nothing of value to say, I just don't say anything )) I agree about ink , there have not organic...If you looking idea tinny tattoo , there grate and elegant and may be you will find…
    in RAW tattoo ideas? Comment by streem26
  • Hi Zemphira! I live in Vancouver with always changeable weather . I like running but cant do it outside. I would suggest try different branded treadmills in the store before you buy. Every treadmills has its own shock abosorption system design and p…
    in Treadmills Comment by streem26