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  • Helloooo Raw Christians....

    Hi – thanks for starting this thread where raw Christians can identify themselves. Isn’t it great to be on this journey together?

    In 1970, God lifted me up out of a life of sin, shame, and confusion and filled me with His Spirit. I’ve never regretted surrendering my heart to the Lord. He took my life of despair and transformed it into one of joy and deep contentment. What a God!

    I’ve been eating raw (more or less) for not quite 3 months and I have no regrets here, either. It certainly has been a paradigm shift for me, and like many of you, I also have a non-raw husband and daughter to cook for. I just try to sneak in as much raw food as I can – here a little, there a little. ;-)

    Some days seem harder than others—especially when I’m busy w/ other things, so I’m very thankful, in particular, for all the extra “simple” recipes I’ve found here. I’ve also enjoyed a few of the more complicated or time-consuming recipes, but I need to add a number of those “ready in 5 minutes” dishes to my repertoire.

    My best friend, also a Christian, just recently went raw after I made a bunch of yummy raw pates, breads, and other dishes and took them to her house to share them for lunch. She was blown away over how delicious everything was. Since then, I took over as organizer of the Cincinnati Raw Foods Meetup group and have gotten together w/ other raw-foodies for 3 potlucks so far.

    Eating raw is one more area of my life where God helps me to exercise self-discipline. I certainly haven’t arrived yet, but I’m on my way! :-)