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  • Alternative to nutritional yeast

    Sorry guys I hadn’t seen this distressing situation till now, Here’s the “Easy Peasy But Very Cheesy” recipe, enjoy!

    Cheese (with Spring Onion)

    2 cups of Sunflower Seeds (soaked)
    1 cup of Pine Nuts
    1 tablespoon Salt
    Juice from 2 Lemons
    1/3 cup raw Olive Oil
    1 bunch of Green Onion, all except roots (diced)

    In your Food Processor, process the sunflower seeds,pine nuts and the salt until mix becomes finest it will go. If it sticks to sides stop processing, open processor and scrape from sides back into centre.

    Then add lemon juice and the olive oil. Process again to make smooth. Scrape from sides if needed. Mixture should begin to “roll” as it moves around processor.

    Add a little water if needed to keep the mixture moving and rolling. Process until smooth, yet very thick.
    Then add the green onion.

    Process briefly to mix in and slightly break down the Green Onion.

    Allow to stand 30 minutes, then enjoy! – note: If you taste it early the lemon taste should stand out. The lemon taste will die down after it sits a bit.

  • how much weight did you lose during the first month?

    for me it wasn't until I went 100% that I lost a lot of weight. I wasn't overweight to begin with, just a bit podgy. After I lost a lot of weight, it came back on over the following months, but my body shape changed. My body was a very different shape than before.

    I have weighed 9 1/2 stones, all my life. I used to be a UK dress size 14, now I am a UK dress size 8-10 and I still weigh the same. Apparently it is all lean muscle, but I don't do any excercise at all at the moment, or for the last year really.

    My bust size has also gone up 2 sizes, and stayed there, since going 100% raw.

  • Alternative to nutritional yeast

    I don’t use nutrtional yeast but I make the cheesiest cheese I have ever tasted!
    Try it:


    It isn’t just me I have fed a lot of people this cheese and it always amazes people who cheesy it is, even though it looks like a very simple recipe.
    Oh I should say – in the interests of marital harmony, that my husband Chris actually created this recipe