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  • 80/10/10 and Candida

    Hi! I'd just like to share my experience. When I first switched to a raw diet I ate high-fat, raw gourmet. After a while I started getting candida symptoms. I had the symptoms for two months and was MISERABLE. I tried all the low-sugar, low-fruit (and only low-glycemic fruits), greens and veggies diets and found that it wasn't sustainable and my symptoms weren't getting better, but actually worse. I tried the garlic, the probiotics and prebiotics, herbs, enemas and all that CRAZY stuff that get's pushed by all the other raw food "gurus" and nothing worked. It felt so unnatural to give up fruit that I loved so much so one day I saw some posts about an all fruit, low-fat diet and decided to try it out because nothing else was working. After 2 days on all fruit I felt amazing! My candida symptoms disappeared during that first week on fruit. I felt better and better everyday. I couldn't believe that the symptoms I was struggling with for 2 months were gone after only a few days on fruit. I still eat this way because I love it so much. I've never felt and looked healthier than I do now. I'd also like to add that I was spending so much money on supplements, herbs, tonics, probiotics, etc. trying to find a "cure" for candida that didn't work and I spent about 75% less when buying all the fruit that gave my body all the nourishment it needed to heal itself.

    Wish you the best on your journey :)