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  • A lot of good stuff has been said already. As a few people already mentioned, don't fall prey to the lie that all fats are created equal and that a low fat diet is part of a healthy lifestyle. Crisco, Animal Fats or something like that are NOT the s…
  • At least we've narrowed it down to an appliance. Still. it's so tough to say!! I have a Nutra Ninja Blender which I use almost daily and I love it. I also have a Raw Rutes Square Rutes dehydrator, and that gets used almost daily as well!! In terms o…
  • I use a netti from time to time during certain seasons. Personally I use the arm and hammer brand saline which I think is baking soda based. I love it.. I do know that my ears feel less "plugged" up when I am using daily and consistently on my sinus…
    in Neti Pot Comment by jacksan
  • For years I had an old Jack Lalanne power juicer. Finally it gave out, after years and years of heavy use. I replaced it with the Omega J8006, mainly because of the good reviews on amazon. The extended warranty was another perk. Turns out I had to c…
  • There's inexpensive ones out there for sure. If you're just getting started dehydrating, you could even practice with your oven on a warming temperature setting with the door cracked open. Keep a thermometer there to monitor that the temp stays nice…
  • jeanj said:  yes that is possible check out this dehydrated avocado recipe and this one too it is also suggest to get a good food dehydrator that will help you however i am not sure for storing them for the longer period  I did it exactly…
  • I went with a TSM 5 tray more than 5 years ago. It still runs perfect, and is currently on long term loan to my sister. I decided earlier this year to treat myself to a little upgrade, looking for something with a little more modern styling but stil…