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  • Wow that sounds great for young families!
  • Don't give up Leslie, your body is just adjusting. It takes time. Try to drink more water too. Drinking an 8oz glass of water with 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar or lemon before meals helps you to lose weight too. Take the time out to calculate how ma…
  • Welcome! I wish you the best on your raw food journey. It will make a great difference in your life. Take it one step at a time and don't get discouraged if you waver back and forth. Start slow and have fun making new types of raw foods. This is a g…
  • You won't regret it!
  • ClaireT said: We love having you as a part of the community.   Thank you so much Clair!  I do love being part of this community.
  • Hi Hannah, Welcome and congratulations on choosing to going all raw. It is wonderful and this community is very supportive. Are you making smoothies and drinking lots of fluids. That helps to keep me going a lot. Also there are courses you can take…
  • Hi Vicki, Yes, eating a raw vegetarian is a great way to lose weight. I lost over 20lbs since eating raw vegetarian. Every once in a while I slip but I haven't gained back the weight. I am presently doing the raw food cleanse course. That would be …
  • danielpatrik said: Dear ALL, I am new to this forum. I have been struggling to lose weight and was recently diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. I need some advices on how to go about it. I have tried so many diets and exercises. Nothing seems to b…
  • Incorporating a little more healthy oils in your diet such as extra-virgin olive oil and coconut oil helps too. And try a hot oil treatment with either oil prior to shampooing your hair too. Just warm up a little oil and massage it into your hair. C…
  •   You will not lose your hair if you make sure you still eat a balanced raw vegan diet comprised of vitamins, minerals and proteins. Your body will let you know what it needs. If you find that your hair is starting to fall out it may mean that …
  • Hi Paulia, Congratulations on going natural. I have been natural now for years. What you suggest is good but I'll tell you what I do. I only use shampoo bars now when I want to use soap and I also use coconut milk and avocado washes. To wash your h…
  • I am in the same boat with you! I am transitioning to fully raw and feel great. My skin has improved and I have lost weight. You will not regret it. Take it slow and do not get discouraged if you eat a cooked meal every not and then. It does not mak…
  • Hello Antoinette, Congratulations on becoming raw. The best suggestion I can give you right now is to take the course offered here by Laura-Jane on becoming raw that includes the 30 day meal plan. It is great. It teaches everything you need to know…
  • ClaireT said: maureenmac said: My new TSM dehydrator says to not leave it unattended.  For 24 hours? Please somebody tell me that they sleep and run errands while their machine is operating.      I can't even imagine having to babysi…
  • Thank you Claire. Yes I am going to ground  nuts into flour too. Right now I am using my Nutrabullet for that but it is wearing out.
  • Thank you Claire. I plan to use it very much for making sauces and grinding nuts. Also for making smoothies. I just notices that there are several different models making it confusing for me to decide which one is best.
  • Hi Anewme.  Could you buy a Vitamix online instead of at a store. They sell them on QVC at a great price.   The best of luck to you!   Carrie
  • That is a very challenging task to accomplish but not impossible. Start by making a meal plan of foods you would like to eat for the week - breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and only buy ingredients for foods that are on the list. I find this help…
  • I wish I could be green coconuts where I live in Northern Maine. We just have the brown ones.
    in Coconut meat Comment by Creativelycc
  • I have been using henna in my hair for years and it works wonderful. I order it from www.Mehandi.com  My mother was the one who introduced me to henna. She used to use it faithfully too. It is all natural and good for your hair and scalp.