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  • Hey Carla, I'm also newbie here as I just discovered this cool community a few weeks ago. Let's be friends!!
    in Hi everyone! Comment by bettyklee
  • I think it's the problem that we eat everything randomly without knowing whether they are adaptable to each other or not.
  • I have a Omega J8006, it's pretty smooth and easy to clean. The thing I love the most is that mine has 15-year warranty.   Good luck!! :)
    in Best Juicer? Comment by bettyklee
  • danielpatrik said: Dear ALL,  I have tried so many diets and exercises. Nothing seems to be working. Daniel  Did you try it yourself or you ask for advices from some experts?  
  • Hi Vicki, I think that you need to exercises and have a diet. It's better if you look for a personal trainer. He or she will know what to do with you ;) Cheers!
  • Centrifugal juicers work with most fruits, but afaik they're mostly useless if you want to juice leafy greens. 
  • My yoga trainer takes a meditation retreat every other year. She said it takes great patience, self control, persistence to overcome the first few days, but you'll be able to "see" which parts of your body need better care and attention, and if you …
    in Anyone meditate? Comment by bettyklee
  • TammiTrue said: I think that anything that lowers stress in our modern life is essential. It is so important to stop and just breath in nature sometimes.   I concur. I used to meditate in my room, sometimes for 10, 20 minutes, sometimes an…
    in Anyone meditate? Comment by bettyklee
  • Welcome to the forum! The three models listed are very good ones. I had a good experience with Tribest products, so my vote goes to with the SlowStar. However I prefer horizontal juicers as they're faster and can do other things (making nut milks et…
  • Following this. I've heard very good things about the Vitamix.
  •  Great blog Winona! Thanks for sharing
  • I know how you feel! I guess you can try eating more B12 rich foods or supplement and if that doesn't work in a month, then see a doctor. It could be your thyroid or other things too. 
    in Vitamin B12 Comment by bettyklee
  • Apart from nutrition, make sure you're getting enough sleep. Monitor your sleep with Fitbit or a phone app. And, like Geica says, relax and allow your body to try. Hope you'll receive good news soon!
  • I feel much better since I started juicing too. And I totally agree with you - health is wealth. A stronger body allows me to work more efficiently and do so much more!
    in Health is Wealth Comment by bettyklee
  • I've never been on a detox but I was on a vegetarian diet for about a year and I remember smelling pretty light and good.
  • I have stomach gas and first thing doctor said was to stop eating beans. 
    in Raw green beans Comment by bettyklee
  • I've heard about that too and now I only buy coconuts with the green peel or the ones that don't look so white