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  • Welcome harpmom! Where are you from?
    in Hi! I'm new! Comment by Janace
  • Have you checked your B12 levels? I have found that once I began eating high raw, when I eat cooked food (steamed veggies) it makes me feel really tired. If you choose coffee are you drinking decaf?
  • I have an Omega J8006 and the Breville Juice Fountain. I like both for different reasons. The Omega is super easy to clean and you can make juice and it will last up to 3 days because it is a slow masticating juicier. It is amazing for hard veggies,…
    in Best Juicer? Comment by Janace
  • IsabelleEast I too had lots of bloating and proper food combining is key. I have added links below to a couple books that really helped me.   https://www.amazon.com/Food-Combining-Herbert-Shelton-Paperback/dp/B00ZLVT0A4/ref=sr_1_36?ie=UTF8&qid…
  • Banana wrapped in a romaine leaf.
  • You can also try ginger or peppermint in your water or tea. 
    in Feeling nauseous Comment by Janace
  • Celery juice is great for digestive issues. You can drink it first thing in the morning (inlace of lemon water if you drink that). The taste will grow on you it you are not a fan at first. There are so many benefits of celery juice. If you don't hav…
    in Feeling nauseous Comment by Janace
  • Hi Silver! Welcome to the community.
    in Make friend Comment by Janace
  • Matt that is great news that your levels are normal. I would recommend focusing on lowering the fat intake. 45% is really high. I know from my personal experience it is better to stay around the 10 to 15% range. You have to have fat so you don't wan…
    in Vitamin B12 Comment by Janace
  • You should have your B12 level checked with blood work to be sure. You should also check your Iodine level as well. I know when I was consuming too much fat-healthy fat, I was feeling tired as well. You might track your fat intake and adjust as need…
    in Vitamin B12 Comment by Janace
  • So glad this was helpful Dondon!
    in Healthy fat ration Comment by Janace
  • You should read up on food combining. There are several really great books on this topic. My favorite book that is the most comprehensive and easy to understand is The Food Combining Bible by Jan Dries and Inge Dries. You are correct in that fat doe…
    in Bloated stomach? Comment by Janace
  • You should read up on 80/10/10. 80% Carbs, 10% Protein, 10% Fat.
  • I am focusing on 80/10/10 right now because I fell into eating way too much fat (30-40% of my overall 1600 calories). I am 5'2". I have lost about 13 pounds on 80/10/10 to get back to an ideal weight for my build and stature. I am feeling so much be…
    in Healthy fat ration Comment by Janace
  • I have an Excalibur 5 tray dehydrator and I do sleep with it on and run errands without any worries. I do not recall any warning about leaving it unattended. That would make we wonder a bit. The temperature that you dehydrate raw food at is pretty l…
  • Columbian Home Products makes the Joyce Chen Spiralizer. Here is a link to their contact info. http://www.columbianhp.com/contact-us.html They might be able to help get a replacement or tell you if they make a replacement  blade.
    in Robin Farber Comment by Janace
  • You can substitute yellow squash. It works great and does not have the mild bitter taste zucchini can sometimes have.
  • If you are soaking nuts for longer than 12 hours you need to change the water once or twice a day. I would toss it and start over. Are you using filtered water?
  • Although almond flour is just ground almonds the yield will not be the same. You might also find that the consistency of the recipe is stickier.
    in Almonds Comment by Janace
  • Acai either in powder form or frozen. I use it in smoothies. It has Vitamin A which helps with vision and immune support, Vitamin C which helps the immune system, Calcium for bone health, and Iron to support blood health.  I like that is contains ir…
  • It depends on how much of the liquid you add back in. If you want it thicker you could strain it.
  • Here is a recipe I have used that is very good and really easy. No probiotics. Make it, refrigerate for 4 hours and it is ready to eat. It also freezes really well. I make it into 2 logs. Freeze one while I enjoy the other. You can omit the jalepeno…
  • Here is a link to a website that shows you step by step how to make the coconut milk whipped cream...with a hand mixer. You could do this by hand with a whisk but your arm will be very tired    http://ohsheglows.com/2012/08/30/coconut-whipped-crea…
  • The only truely raw hummus I have found uses zucchini in place of chickpeas. The consistency is not as thick but it is a great raw option.
  • Hi Lara, You can make raw hummus with zucchini rather than chickpeas. Here is the link to Laura-Jane's Chickpea free hummus. You can eat it as is or add just about anything you want to flavor it such as red pepper, sundried tomatoes, pesto, etc. It…
  • It really is because I hate to throw out the pulp it seems like such a waste. 
  • Sea buckthorn oil is the only type of sea oil I am aware of. Here are a few articles I found on the benefits and cautions for sea buckthorn oil and fish oil. If you take a high quality pharmaceutical grade fish oil you will not get the repeating fis…
  • You might try apple or pear pulp instead of banana is cookies. If you juice it is a great use of the pulp.
  • Hi Stephanb, I usually start my day with a smoothie or fruit with almond butter. For lunch I usually have a raw soup and/or salad. For dinner I will make something heartier like the raw chili, tacos, a veggie burger, or pizza (all raw of course). F…
  • I have tried flaxseed oil after I became vegetarian and it worked just as well as the fish oil but neither worked as well as a vegan diet.