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  • Awesome, so glad you put it back up! Whew.
  • Welcome!
  • Someone also answered you on Twitter. Their suggestion: Try adding coconut milk. It's all about the ratio and then let it chill in fridge and re-whip.
  • I've dealt with sinus infections since I was young. I used to end up with antibiotics quite often, but haven't had to take them for about 15 years (although I still get sinus infections). A couple years ago, Seth Godin wrote about a nasal irrigator …
    in Sinus infection! Comment by kandace
  • I haven't been, but Turqoise Barn (http://www.turquoisebarn.com/) sent over this answer to your questions (on Twitter): Camping at Turquoise Barn - get a raw breakfast prepared or use the kitchen in the hostel - hot running water and flush toilet 2!
    in RAW camping? Comment by kandace
  • Oh yes. Thanks for reminding us about this recipe!
  • The image upload disappeared off of the "add recipe" page, but it is back. You should see it not at the top of the page when adding a new recipe.
  • Awesome! Here is a link to a thread from a while back that has a few more folks on Twitter... http://goneraw.com/forum/twitter-0
    in Twitter Comment by kandace
  • We're there! http://twitter.com/goneraw This post encouraged us to start a list of Gone Raw members on Twitter. Post your Twitter here and we'll add you to the list.
    in Twitter Comment by kandace
  • iliveyourdream, you make some good points certainly. Gone Raw is, first and foremost, a place for raw, vegans to gather and encourage each other. We'll definitely take note of requests to make the vegan part more obvious. When we first encountered r…
  • jakkrabbit, I'm sure someone will have answers to you about how they reconcile these questions with Christianity as there are quite a lot of Christians on this board. I'd just also like to say, though, that it appears to me that you already know wha…
  • What sort of information are you looking for? Recipes? Facts? Testimonials? As a start...I like the folks and blog at We Like it Raw. http://www.welikeitraw.com/
  • After stopping taking the pill, I waited a month or so and then went through a cleanse with my nutritionist at the time (Dr. Arial). She has since moved, but I believe you can access everything online. The cleanse culminates in a 3 days juice fast o…
  • Hi ras-saadon, Both of these are in English, but they might help you point your friend in the right direction... The second link on this site is an Italia raw foods organization. http://www.sunfood.net/organizations.html Here is an article about an …
    in Raw in Italian? Comment by kandace
  • I find that winter is a time that I am drawn more to my dehydrator. There are also a bunch of warm recipes here: http://goneraw.com/taxonomy/term/58
  • BTW, if you added your recipe over a year ago, the image on your recipe is quite small. If you re-upload your image, it will show up larger.
  • I just posted a few Thanksgiving recipes to the home page for inspiration!
    in thanksgiving? Comment by kandace
  • brontesaurus, Thank you for your thoughtful post. When I first started eating raw, I remember talking to a close friend of mine about raw food. She has been recovering from an eating disorder for years. Most of her questions had to do with weight co…
  • I have a seven month old and her absolute favorite food is mashed avocado. Loves it.
  • I'm not totally sure what I am doing for Thanksgiving yet, but I took a raw Thanksgiving class a couple years ago and loved this mashed parsnip recipe. It goes really well with any of the mushroom gravy recipes (a few on this site as well as one in …
    in Raw Thanksgiving Comment by kandace
  • You guys rock!
  • Chanie, I haven't tried it yet, but the just posted caramel apples look fun. http://goneraw.com/recipe/caramel-apples-0
  • BTW, the event is $5. And we aren't there as vendors, just representing!
  • treehousestories, Here in Portland, there are companies like Organics to You that deliver organic fruits and vegetables. Where do you live? Perhaps there is something similar near you.
  • Hey thanks! evergreen - Yes, the site is for cooked and raw vegan recipes. We're trying to focus on healthy, whole food recipes (rather than, say "fried tofu" and whatnot). Yes, definitely feel free to post raw recipes to either (or both) sites! Mer…
    in Gone Vegan Comment by kandace
  • We're still tweaking the look and such, but any feedback is welcome...
    in Gone Vegan Comment by kandace
  • the59sound, Your site looks great. Our feeling around here is that the more support out there, the better. No one website (or club or group) is going to support everyone out there and most people like to belong to more than one! iliveyourdream, Welc…
  • Welcome to Gone Raw, werdnakaz. We're glad you are here!
    in Great Site Comment by kandace
  • Everyone is different, but I'd suggest starting slow and showing her quick and easy recipes (smoothies, etc) that she can start making right away without purchasing new equipment like a dehydrator. Good luck - she's lucky to have a good friend like …
  • A follower on Twitter had a recommendation for garlic as well. http://twitter.com/rawglow20/status/2857217854