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  • gypsyIX, When I sprout buckwheat, I find I have to rince A LOT. It gets that thick, slimy water off of it, so I just make sure I rinse it till the water is clear and normal. I also leave it in a darker, cooler corner of the kitchen (but still on the…
  • The mandoline is good if you don’t want to fire up the food processor (and wash it afterwards) for a small slicing job. I love my mandoline AND my processor, and I use both regularly. I got mine from Pampered Chef and it has never let me down.
  • I’m guessing that you are exercising, right? Because diet change won’t get rid of everything. = )
  • I’m a Mac user. A gone raw widget sounds delightful! = )
  • I kept seeing this and finally had to ask someone myself. I still don’t know much about it, but it doesn’t seem right for me (as it seems to only make since if you were really active, but maybe I’m wrong) right now. This is the website by the guy wh…
  • I’m happy with my 5 tray Excalibur. I’m only making food for two, so that size is fine for us.
  • My boyfriend and I do both. We did lots of smoothies before we discovered juicing…but after just a week of juicing, we felt a huge difference physically. I think on a raw food diet one gets PLENTY of fiber as is, so I don’t think its detrimental tha…
  • Thanks for the information! I’m going to check out the book, and I’m already listening to the interview and googling stuff on Campbell!
  • I went to a nutritionist at my former university (because for now it was what I could afford—free). I emailed her in advanced and mentioned “raw”, so if she wasn’t familiar she would be prepared. She wasn’t, so she had. She basically said that its g…
  • Jenny-keep an eye on craigslist.com, thats where I found one for cheap (and it was barely used).
    in Dehydrators Comment by divineprana
  • Welcome! The recipes I’ve tried have all been great—many even better than ones I’ve gotten from the raw books I’ve bought! -Hallie (new to the raw journey, 2 weeks)
    in New to Raw Comment by divineprana
  • Kandace- I just soak my almonds, throw a cup in a blender and add a few cups of water (different recipes have different ratios), with a touch of honey (or I suppose agave if vegan) and/or some vanilla extract both to taste. I have a large tea strain…
    in Almond meal Comment by divineprana
  • I realized I didn’t introduce myself, I’m Hallie! = ) Dave-Thanks for the support and info! Kandace-When I first made the choice, I wanted to do it completely, and I quickly got overwhelmed (especially since I’m trying to provide meals for two peopl…
    in Huge steps Comment by divineprana
  • Perhaps flag them. There is a local restaurant that tags their dishes on the menu with a label: Raw, Vegan, Vegetarian. That way, by quick glance, you know. As for me, I’m trying to be as raw as possible—but that doesn’t mean 100% right now. So, I w…
  • Before that video was up, I took my old meat tenderizer (wasn’t being used anymore) and smashed into the top to get a bit of a hole, and then sawed around the top with a sharp knife…and it came out wonderful. I was so excited. But what made me even …