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  • Thank you “permutations”! I have never heard such a simple explanation! How wonderful! I am gluten and gliaden intolerant, which means 99.9% of grains are undigestible and cause me actual physical pain in my intestines. No matter how much I love br…
    in toxic? uh oh! Comment by 1Christine
  • I noticed in your post you are trying to get back into raw foods after fasting and eating only saltines. I can empathize! Saltines are a “sick time” food from childhood for me!!! Right now, I am still trying to recover from a brutal cold!I know that…
  • I should have said that I actually leave the almonds submerged in H2O for 4-5 or more days. I just keep changing the H2O. They develop a wonderful sprout that actually splits the seed!No, it is not green, but it definately noticable. Knowing how tha…
  • Goodness, How can you oversoak… I soak/sprout my almonds for 4 or 5 days…never a problem. they develop a sprout end, I “shuck” them (peel the skins) and dry them for future use. I Soak things for days on end all the time. No problem. I do not live i…
  • Try soups! They are so easy and fast in a Vitamixer blender. If you do feel the need for something warm, use warm water, preheat your bowl with hot water, etc. Also, use warming spices. Some of my favorites are winter squash, brocolli, carrot, sweet…
  • Go to this link and they tell you how… http://www.excaliburdehydrator.com/testing_for_… Have fun…If you do some tests it would be great to see the results you get posted here!