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  • Keep us posted. Thanks for responding.
  • I feel sorry for the cats on that website…Getting to the point, I have thought about doing a liver cleanse before but just don’t have the time. What did you guys do before doing the liver cleanse to get rid of the parasites etc?
  • Whenever I feell like eating the entire house, I eat more kale, spinach or another green leafy vegetable.
    in overeating Comment by Joesc
  • You cannot always determine if something is raw if it is nuts because some nuts takes weeks to sprout and usually by that time the nut is rancid for example macadamian nuts. The foods to stick to if you are trying to be truly raw are fruits and vege…
  • I use the coffee grinder and my seed come out like flour.
  • You have been a great help Jenny in getting the information I needed. Thank you!!
    in E3 Live Comment by Joesc
  • I am glad you mentioned it because I was looking at the 5 bottles and the price is pretty steep. I was trying to determine if I should get the dry kind.
    in E3 Live Comment by Joesc
  • That reminds me of a book that I think everyone should read. Fast food nation by Eric Schlosser.
    in Upset about Grapples Comment by Joesc
  • They say if you drink a liter of water before you eat or drink anything in the morning all your sickness will go away. Whether that is true or not, I have no idea.
  • I know I am forever late but I was trying to look up some things to see if I can find something to help my back ache. I think I will just get a massage. Anyways. nsrising I am unsure how strict you are with your diet but my grandmother is diabetic a…
  • I haven’t posted to this thread in months and I remember saying that I couldn’t give up the shampoo but I actually did. I still use chemicals but now I use baking soda and vinegar. It cleans well and I have only used shampoo when I tried to learn ho…
  • Wow! I haven’t been here in months and I am suprised to see how many comments are posted. I am amazed.
  • I shampoo my hair usually once a week or two. I use the natural product shampoo also but I know it still has chemicals. The longest I went without washing my hair was 1 month maybe a little longer and it was from sheer laziness. I put conditioner in…
  • Greetings!
  • Hello, and I wish I could help with the radish but I have only used it in my salads.
  • Hello, and welcome!
    in Raw feels good! Comment by Joesc
  • You can dehydrate the sweet potatoes. I have only used yams for my joggers paradise juice. There is a book for raw vegans and I just cannot remember the name and it mentioned steaming the vegetables. If you want to do that then that is your choice b…
    in Sweet potatoes/Yams Comment by Joesc
  • It is rare to overdose on water because you have to have large quantities in a small amount of time. You have to be chugging it as if it were a beer bong. If you think about it, anyone that has large quantities in a small amount of time of food or l…
    in my fast Comment by Joesc
  • I say keep it simple and do you. I eat more fruits because it is easier and cheaper for me. I also don’t have the time to make so many dehydrated meals. My main dehydrated meal is flax crackers and I would make one large batch and make it last. Just…
  • I hate smoke. It makes my eyes burn, my throat hurt and it smells terrible. As for other smells, only greasy smells like fried foods, and really sweet smells make me nauseous.
    in Sensitive to Smell Comment by Joesc
  • Most gathering I go to have fruit platters. Sometimes if it is really fancy they have the cut out watermelons too. Usually when I go to gatherings the host usually wants people to bring some things. You can get a pretty dish and cut up some fruit an…
  • I say just as long as it doesn’t have sodium, chlorine, and fluoride, drink it. Water is essential for the body and unless you are purefying your own water it would be hard to find the perfect type.
    in Distilled water Comment by Joesc
  • Well said Chris. Good advice.
  • At least you did better than me. Two years ago I realized I was consuming too much caffeine, either coffee, energy drinks, or energy pills. I got to the point where I couldn’t stay awake without some kind of energy booster. I would consume a minimum…
  • I tried the nutritional yeast for some kind of cheese but since I don’t eat nuts or haven’t lately unless it is almonds I have some wasting space. I only used it once too.
    in Spices: raw or not? Comment by Joesc
  • The taste is different. Paprika taste nothing like nutrional yeast. Now as far as raw is concerned. Some paprika are not raw, all nutritional yeast are not raw because the benefit and why it is nutritional is because it is dead and unlike active yea…
    in Spices: raw or not? Comment by Joesc
  • Many spices are not considered raw because it it heated at high temperatures to be crushed into a dry powder. I still use spices either way, I feel like it is such a small amount in my diet and I will only go so far.
    in Spices: raw or not? Comment by Joesc
  • I mostly eat fruit because it is easier.
  • queenfluff there isn’t a substitute for young coconut water. Coconut water is a unique taste. How do you know which coconut was used to make coconut oil? I remember when I was younger my dad made some coconut oil by putting the meat from the young c…
    in Young Coconut Comment by Joesc