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  • I had a low libido as well.  I noticed that when I incorporate more kelp, or seaweed in general that my libido rises.  Maybe it is low iodine.  Experiment and see what helps.
  • You are welcome. :)
    in Shampoo Alternative Comment by Joesc
  • Are you going away to the college? Are you going to be living on campus? Are you just going to college and living off campus? Will you be full time or will you be part time? Are you also going to work? I go to college from home and work. The best ad…
    in College Comment by Joesc
  • I love the site thanks.
    in Food Pairing Comment by Joesc
  • The time I started to be a raw vegan, I bought all the equipment and I had the recipe books, and the more I learned about being raw, the more I realized how much I was eating (such as certain nuts or agave) that were not raw. I am not a big nut pers…
  • No, I looked in my junk mail also. I will send another request.
    in Gangrene Comment by Joesc
  • It is common in Texas because many mexicans love it and we are right next to mexico. I have heard of other hispanics that like it, so probably in a grocery store that carries other ethnic products such as latin. It is usually near the potatoes and i…
    in Jicama NYC Comment by Joesc
  • Hey woodchick that sounds similar to the process I read that the tequila company does for there Agave. I didn’t mention it because I have no clue where Cohen gets her Agave.
    in Agave Comment by Joesc
  • Alissa Cohen advocates Braggs Amino and other products that are not raw, and even though I do not consider myself raw, I know many of you are and I would not trust Alissa Cohen to sell truly raw agave, especially since raw Agave is not that sweet. T…
    in Agave Comment by Joesc
  • Awesome!! I like the first one with the guy and the juice, it looks like me.lol
  • go on Amazon and review some of the reviews and if you have other sites that you trust go there as well. There are masticating juicers, centrifrugal, and twin gear(triturating juicer). The centrifrugal is the fastest but crushes the fruits and veget…
    in juicer help Comment by Joesc
  • I do not think it is matter of being clean or not. I believe everyone has different taste buds and prefer different things. I liked cilantro before I became vegan and I still like it. I hate parsley. I force myself to consume it in my drinks and I f…
    in cilantro Comment by Joesc
  • I have not had any coconut in awhile. When I saw a recipe that required dried coconut, I would either omit it, get a coconut and dry it myself or buy it unsweetened at the middle eastern story, or whole foods. The last time I dealt with a coconut wa…
    in Dried Coconut Comment by Joesc
  • Iris I hope you find what works for you. Good Luck. Raw_Chocolic I am glad you said greens should be the bulk of your diet. I love my greens. Zoe you are welcome. I am glad you learned some info. How is Tonka? Lucky is very energetic, he tends to be…
    in Nutrition Facts Comment by Joesc
  • SoCal a small amount of glucose is stored as glycogen in our liver, brain and muscle tissue for immediate use to be broken down into glucose if needed because it is not as dense/compact as stored fat. Fat is harder for the body to break down but gly…
    in Nutrition Facts Comment by Joesc
  • Thanks Mocha for the extra info.
    in Nutrition Facts Comment by Joesc
  • Sugar is stored as fat in the fat cells. Consuming a high sugar diet even if it has fiber will take a toll on your system in the long run. Certain fruits do spike the blood sugar and the body has to release insulin to accomodate. Your pancreas is wo…
    in Nutrition Facts Comment by Joesc
  • It’s posted!
  • She doesn’t post the recipe because she wants you to buy the book. It’s ok though I have the recipe and will post it.
  • I like to use tea trea oil for my face, because it tends to be drying I add a little coco butter to my face. I usually use shea butter or coconut oil for lotion. I also use the coconut oil in my hair. I use vinegar to rinse my hair. I heard about a …
  • I have family from Mobile AL
  • Houston, Texas. USA
  • Thanks Nuttgirl, at least I know why my hands are taking on a orange tint. I was beginning to think I had jaundice, it’s the carrots. lol
    in Losing My Hair Comment by Joesc
  • I think I heard alfalfa is good for hair growth and nails. I don’t quite remember. I saw this recipe in Jay Kordich The Juiceman’s Power of Juicing for hair loss prevention. I don’t know if it works, it is not tasty either. 5 to 6 carrots, alfalfa s…
    in Losing My Hair Comment by Joesc
  • I hope I am not too late. I am on day 22 of my juice feast. Juices can be with vegetable, and fruits together or seperate. I added a few juices that I enjoyed. Other juices that I drink is 1 beet and 2 oranges or 1 beet and 2 apples, 4 carrots and 2…
    in Juice Fast Comment by Joesc
  • In Jamaica they say that humans can eat the same things that a goat can. I also read somewhere that cows milk is not healthy for us and it is normal to be lactose intolerant but it did say that if we wanted milk then goats milk is best for us. So de…
    in 100% Vegan? Comment by Joesc
  • The word vegan, usually pronounced was originally derived from “vegetarian” in 1944 when Elsie Shrigley and Donald Watson, frustrated that the term “vegetarianism” had come to include the eating of dairy products (lacto vegetarianism). The founded t…
    in 100% Vegan? Comment by Joesc
  • They showed on tv how they get the dates. The put a net under the trea and when the dates are rip the wrapped around the branches and shake the tree and they will fall in the net. How do you make the syrup spiritedmama?
    in Dates! Comment by Joesc
  • Hey Zoe! The tie is really old and it was velcro I don’t know if they have them anymore, it is hard to find stuff for cats. You had too much salt. I had the same experience when i did the salt water flush for the master cleanse. I used 2 tbls instea…
  • Hey Zoe, I believe you when you say you don’t take your cat as an accessory or toy. I just feel sorry for some of the cats on that website because they have so much things put on them. I have put a tie (which was for cats) on my cat before and it wa…