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  • my hair is much better since I added a filter to my shower. The chlorinated water kills your hair folicles. My hair is much softer too.
    in Thinning hair Comment by zella
  • I have decided to stock up on Chia for emergency preparedness. I noticed that they keep me full and nurished when I am at work and don’t have anything to eat. It’s something that won’t go bad easily. Just a thought.
  • I was very blond when I was younger too. I added a shower filter and tub filter and the blond is coming back and it’s soft like a childs. Get one their GREAT!
  • This is the best raw site. I would definatly pay. I am pretty broke but I would pay $5 month. The way the recipes are organized is great. And the comments from people who tried the recipe are very helpful. They used to print out with the recipe and …
    in Money for GoneRaw Comment by zella
  • Animals eat stuff that cleanses their teeth. They chew on bones and bark and stuff. You need to go find some Bark. No..just kidding. We found the best toothpaste. It’s Uncle Harrys brand and it comes in a little glass jar. The taste is not the best.…
  • I have to say…my one non-raw exception is pop corn. I pop it in grapeseed oil.
    in popcorn kernals Comment by zella
  • There is no regulation for RAW. They could say they are heated at low temps…but who is checking? There is no Raw Certification process.
    in Actual Raw agave?! Comment by zella
  • baking soda works for me.
  • maybe they would…if they cut it out completely for a few months and then tried to go back to eating it. it’s just like coffee drinkers..they don’t get headaches unless they quit drinking it. I quit coffee for a few months and juiced the whole time. …
    in Cake Rant! Comment by zella
  • Cashews that aren’t truly raw have a purple color to them when they are soaked. Looks like the poison is still on them. When we get truly raw ones…they stay white and seem much easier to digest. My Dad who is allergic to nuts can have them as long a…
    in Cake Rant! Comment by zella
  • my dog gets her plaque off by chewing a bone….I am NOT going to chew a bone. hehehe.
    in Brushing your teeth? Comment by zella
  • Allison, I think I will keep talking on here…it might help someone else with this problem if they see us talking about it. But I will keep your email in case I have something private I need to say. I really appreciate all your insight. kauaigirl…I t…
    in Hair loss Comment by zella
  • I am taking 3 in the morning with lots of water. It doesn’t even make me hungry for awhile. Then I take two more with water while my stomach is still empty around 1:00. I missed my 1:00 dose today and yesterday. I haven’t felt any detox symptoms. I …
    in Hair loss Comment by zella
  • I agree there with ya Allison…I think I get enough protein with green smoothies and all the nuts I eat. I feel I get most things I need. Then I realized I wasn’t getting enough sea vegetables. I am trying to put Dulse in my smoothies and soups and s…
    in Hair loss Comment by zella
  • Awesome..thanks for posting 123!
    in Hair loss Comment by zella
  • how much of the Modifilan did you end up taking to make it work? and…I will take that link to the interview. I just ordered some Modifilan.
    in Hair loss Comment by zella
  • we give her the pulp from the juicer…and also you can dehydrate the pulp too and cut into crackers. We also toss her the ends of the tomatoes when we are cutting some up…she loves those.
  • Oh hey…I didn’t realize more people had responded to my post finally. Well, I hired someone and she is doing good. She doesn’t know about raw foods yet..but she is reading and learning quickly. I am going to need alot more help soon I think. Right n…