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  • Nice to know about this movie. I think I’ll take my hubby to see it. He’s not as bothered by waste as I am.
  • I’ve ordered food items from them, and I was really impressed. Their customer service is really good. They seem like a really good business.
  • Oooh, too bad no drinks in the park!! To tell the truth, I messed up again today. I went out to lunch with my husband and his friend. I’ve had a stressful couple of days. But I’m going to start the mc again tomorrow. Try, try again. If you change yo…
  • I can relate…. I LOVE to cook, too. I messed up today. I cook for my husband, and his dinner smelled so good this evening that I broke down and had some. ooops. But tomorrow is another day, and I’ll do better. I’m still motivated to go on. On my pas…
  • Hi wbr, So far so good for me, too. I love the taste of the lemonade, but I usually start to get tired of it by the 6th day or so. Maybe I’ll do limeade then. I do Smooth move tea in the morning and evening, rather than doing the swf in the morning.…
  • wannaBraw, sounds like we’re on the same page! It’ll be great to do it together. Fantastic. I had to look up King’s Dominion up on the internet. I didn’t know what it was. To me, it sounded like a religious holiday, but it seemed unlikely that it wo…
  • No, it wasn’t sarcasm at all. It’s really working great now.
  • I like Rawvolution a lot.
    in Uncookbook advice Comment by RawVoice
  • If you’re talking about pesticide levels, this is a good site: http://www.foodnews.org/fulldataset.php
  • Here where I live in So Cal, gas prices for super unleaded are about $4.80 a gallon. I saw a story about Spanish truck drivers who are paying $9.00 a gallon.
  • Thanks for the recipes and tips, folks!
  • I would also highly recommend Au Lac in Westminster and The Greenery in Encinitas. They are my two favorite raw restaurants. I also enjoy 118 in Costa Mesa and Cilantro Live in Carlsbad, Lemon Grove and San Diego.
  • Once I had a wasp in my hair, and I didn’t realize it. I went to take a shower, and felt a stabbing pain in my shoulder. OUCH!!!! Rude suprise!! In its defense, though, it probably felt attacked even though I wasn’t attacking it. We have a couple wa…
  • Very interesting information. Thanks so much for posting it.
  • I had SAD lavendar lemonade the other day. Yes, it had bad stuff in it, but it tasted divine. I think it could be adapted for raw. For instance, the recipe used to make the lemonade was similar to the SAD recipe below. Instead of boiling the lavenda…
    in Lavender Comment by RawVoice
  • My dandelions have white fly or something on them. It’s white and powdery looking. That’s the only reason I don’t eat them.
  • If you can’t decide, you can just dehydrate them. I think they are delicious that way.
  • I was wondering the same thing. I wish they’d give a preview.
    in Pear Magazine Comment by RawVoice
  • Try olive oil! It’s a wonderful cleanser. Just coat your face with it. Dampen a wash cloth with comfortably hot water, and lay it over your face for a minute. Then just wipe all the olive oil off. It’s wonderfully refreshing, cleans your face and ta…
  • Yes, anything heavy can make you tired. Nuts are the “meat” of raw food. They are dense and require lots of energy to digest. Definitely they can make you tired.
  • I agree with all of those who think it was mustard greens. Sounds like the store mislabeled the greens! Maybe you should tell them what happened.
  • Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap. I use it on my furry baby, too.
  • bitt, is this the pumpkin seed cracker you’re talking about? http://goneraw.com/recipes/2484-Raw-Pumkin-Seed… Carmentia, thanks I’ll check it out!
  • Thanks RawKidChef, I’ll put those on my list of things to try. Anyone else have any favs?
  • Yipeee!! Thanks so much for fixing it. I love this place!!
  • Wow! This is the first time in 6 days that this site has worked for me. It’s still a bit slow, but at least it works!! I hope this is a trend.
  • I noticed that some of the organic fruits and vegetables I buy at Trader Joe’s looked waxy, so I emailed them asking them to stop waxing them. They said there was some clay substance, if I remember correctly, they use, and it washes off easily. They…
  • I posted the same link about a week ago without the hell and damnation. I don’t believe in hell. frm, I think the fearful religious talk makes the concerns of genetically modified foods less credible. In fact, people may be less likely to avoid gmo’…
  • plnissima, I have clay soil. I’ve amended it a bit with organic garden soil and compost and fertilizer, but maybe that isn’t enough. I’ll try some more of something!
  • I’m an avid sprout eater. I’ve never had any problems. I mostly sprout my own, but sometimes I buy them. When I buy them, I look at them carefully and rinse them. I don’t think there’s a big risk. If anyone would have had problems, it’s me because I…