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  • Yes, I buy raw milk and cheese from my local co-op occasionally. You may need to go to a health food store, or call around to local dairies, but they are out there.
    in Raw Milks Comment by Ssarah
  • Oh, I love Apitherapy honey too! It’s delicious, but also very useful for basic first aid. Superficial scratches and cuts will heal much faster if you apply a very thin layer of raw honey to the injured area. I used to get nasty infections when my c…
  • 11:00am, and all is well, but I do miss my morning green juice.
  • I’m in! I really like your blog, by the way, and plan to watch it in the future. Thanks!
  • heartshapedsky- I seem to remember that you’re in pdx, right? People’s co-op in SE sells a really great and inexpensive organic extra-virgin coconut oil. The brand is Hummingbird Wholesale, and it’s distributed by a co. in Eugene. It’s my personal f…
  • Dang, this thread is triggering! I’ve found that raw eating has been a helpful tool in my perpetually ongoing recovery from bulimia, but there is sooo much potential for abuse. Pure food vs. sinful food, obsessing over that feeling that you have fai…
  • You guys are awesome! Michigan, I like the twig/placebo idea. I’ve been compulsively chewing toothpicks, but I think something a bit closer to the size and texture of a cig might be better. Zoe and Northern Lights, it sounds like I need to look into…
  • Hey Adria, I have the same problem with my dehydrator. A light coating of raw oil does the trick. I use olive oil for savory dehydratables (!) like crackers, and coconut oil for fruits and other sweets.
    in Dehydrator Woes Comment by Ssarah
  • Mermadria- $40 is waaay to much to pay for a pack of nori! I buy my nama shoyu, sesame, and a lot of veggies at Asian marketplaces in town- An Dong on SE Powell (midway between 50th and 82nd-not sure of the exact x-street) is generally pretty good a…
  • Oh, Daily Grind! I loved their salad bar with all of the sprouted beans. Kandace/Other Portlanders- I bought raw nori sheets at People’s Co-op a few months ago. Not sure if they still have them, but I think I’ll check back in and find out.
  • Perfectly said, JoyceH! I was going to make a comment, but you said it all.
    in drunken eating Comment by Ssarah
  • Also in pdx…!
    in Hello from Oregon Comment by Ssarah
  • Oatmeal. With toasted hazelnuts and brown sugar. This thread makes me hungry ;-)
  • I’ve never heard that before- in fact, I’ve been told that it’s best for digestive purposes to grind flax seeds before making crackers. Hmm- anyone else know something I don’t?
  • Agreed again! Very very cute.
    in Kandace Comment by Ssarah
  • Post #140! I’m 24.5, and it’s a pretty good age
    in How old are you? Comment by Ssarah
  • It happened last night! I read this post yesterday, and thought I was lucky to have never had a horrible experience. Hah! I got all impatient with my soaking chickpeas, so I ground up some hummus after only 10 hours. The softer outsides made a kind…
  • Hit me with your best shot ;) Moist and cakey, please.
  • I would love love love a recipe for coffeecake that is as crumbly and moist as the real thing. Mmm. Coffeecake and almond milk.
  • Hmm- I’m in the same boat as humanimal, although boredom is not a trigger so much as stress. If I don’t smoke, I binge on pizza or fight with my girlfriend, or engage in some other self-destructive activity. It’s a safe and predictable outlet for ne…
    in smoking Comment by Ssarah
  • ShannonM- I get those rashes too! My cheeks, knees, and belly get all blotchy and hot. My naturopath told me that it’s probably a reaction to an excess of vitamin B12- maybe that’s what’s goint on with you?
  • Munchie, I’ve had a couple kidney stone experiences as well, and they suck. I think that my body’s ph level has a lot to do with whether I do or don’t get an infection. When I’m eating raw, my immune system is a lot stronger, and I can usually get r…
    in UTI! Comment by Ssarah
  • Thanks for the info, queenfluff. I think that the reason green clay is so helpful for me is that I use it so rarely, plus I have an extremely healthy scalp. (I read the beginning of this thread so long ago, I think I forgot that you mentioned clay e…
  • Majomi- I’ve bought it in bulk at my local co-op, and also online here: www.mountainroseherbs.com/learn/french-green-cl… . If you click the link, there is some basic info about the product. It’s $8.25/lb on the website, and that amount lasts a good …
  • Hey no-poo-ers! I just found a little trick that works really well for my hair, and I thought I would put it out there. I use french green clay on my face periodically, and I’ve found that it makes a really super hair wash too. I make a paste with w…
  • Angie- I think I used the wrong word. I use it to clean my body and face in the shower, but I don’t know of any antimicrobial qualities it may have. A pretty hard-core raw friend of mine has told me that coldpressed coconut oil is a sterile substanc…
  • Angie- coconut oil is awesome. Kundalalita gave me the idea, and I use it for almost everything now. Soap, lotion, hair product (and I get to lick my fingers when I’m done!).
  • Hey ya’ll. I’ve been no-pooing (!) for about a month now, and I am loving it. I started after shaving my head, and besides a janky smell for the first couple days, I haven’t had any problems. MOTH- like queenfluff said, new nopoo hair is just like b…
  • Kundalalita- thanks for the advice! I think I’ll give coconut oil a shot after I finish up my cocoa butter. Shaving my head was a big change (I’ve always been a bit protective of my femininity!), but it feels great.
  • I’m so excited about nopoo! I just shaved all of my (previously nasty, colored, processed, frizzled) hair off a few days ago, and I intend to grow it back naturally. I’ve been using a raw cocoa butter (or so the label says) on my scalp for the past …