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  • cacao (and all chocolate) is very high in magnesium, a naturally calming and muscle-relaxing mineral. most pms supplements contain a good amount of magnesium, but food sources are generally better. when we’re craving cacao (or chocolate) it’s usuall…
    in cacao for pms Comment by gypsyIX
  • i’m in brooklyn, i’d love to tag along!
  • i was also trying to decide between the champion and the green star. i asked around a lot, and decided i wanted the green star because the champion is supposed to be really hard to clean. the green star was out of my price range, so i got the omega …
    in Juicers Comment by gypsyIX
  • before you travel, check out greenpages, a nationwide directory of green shops, restaurants, services, farmers markets, etc. it’s available at most h.f. shops and they’re online at www.coopamerica.org/pubs/greenpages.
  • i saw an episode of that show- i watched it because they were switching a raw vegan mom from arizona with a demented (sorry to say that, but she was) hunting mom. the meat-eating children were misbehaving screaming devil children, and the raw vegan …
    in Raw Wife Swap Comment by gypsyIX
  • if it is the liver, try a daily carrot-beet juice. it’s very detoxifying, specifically for the liver.
    in Acne Comment by gypsyIX
  • oh lovely! i’m so excited… thanks!
  • after many “oops” recipes coming out of my dehydrator, i figured out that tasting the batter or dough gives you a good idea of what the final product will taste like. my carrot bread would have been totally useless had i not added a little sweetener…
    in Nama Shoyu? Comment by gypsyIX
  • you can use different types of tomatoes and layer it with very thin lengthwise slices of cucumber, and rounds of onions and peppers.
  • generally i don’t have a problem sprouting and i do it fairly often. however, every time i’ve tried to sprout buckwheat i’ve had to throw it out because it seems to get rancid before it’s finished sprouting. (far more quickly than any seed or bean i…
    in Sprouting tips? Comment by gypsyIX
  • i bought a mandoline and i never use it. i don’t have a dishwasher and i find it so much harder to clean than the food processor, so i just always use that! i found myself buying tons and tons of kitchen gadgets that all end up sitting around is dis…
  • “organic” is a regulated term. that means that food must meet certain criteria, including but not limited to being non-gmo, pesticide-free, chemical-free, hormone-free, etc. that statement from the usda website is referring to terms such as “non-gmo…
  • i agree. i eat far less than i used to and i have way more energy.
  • thanks so much, everyone! these are some really great ideas… i’ll let you know how it goes.
    in need ideas... Comment by gypsyIX
  • herbal teas (tisanes) generally have no caffeine. you still need lots of water, but ginger tea is harmless. (speaking of calcium losses… any food that causes the body to become acidic will promote calcium loss. women who eat a lot of meat and cheese…
    in Havin a problem.. Comment by gypsyIX
  • i just downloaded the widget, i love it!!!
  • i was under the impression that sun-brewed herbal teas are considered raw. however, i find that in the dead of a cold cold winter, drinking hot tea keeps me from wanting to eat hot food. it’s a trade-off, but it works.
    in What About Tea? Comment by gypsyIX
  • i also have the 5-tray excalibur, although i rarely use all 5 trays at once. i love it, but i wish i had gotten the one with the timer!
  • i’ve seen recipes that call for pulp… carrot pulp for carrot cake, etc. i’ve also heard that it can be frozen for later use, like to flavor soups or pates. i plan to do a little experimenting with that myself, as i have just purchased my first juice…
  • my local produce guy (in brooklyn ny) said he’s absolutely unable to get organic jicama from any of his suppliers.
    in Organic jicama? Comment by gypsyIX
  • there are a ton of raw places here in nyc. i’ve yet to experience the really famous places (so pricey!) but there are bargains to be found! LifeThyme on sixth ave in the village is a health food store with a salad bar and food counter with lots of r…
  • check out this video! http://www.live-food.com/videos/how_to_open_a_c… it changed my life…