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  • Oh, it is so nice to know there are people thinking about the same things as I have done since last winter. I am very much into TCM and Taoism naturally, as I am Chinese, in particular, the Yin& Yang principle. I am into Indian Ayurveda as well.…
  • I have been doing it since May 07, and for me, it works great.
  • fenugreek and chickpeas and mung beans
  • congratulations_ Blessings for you with all my heart!
  • I never dehydrate. I think it is better to stick to simple and fresh things.
  • thank you very much, my friends! It is a great comfort to know there are so many great people out there, understanding and loving. I am walking out of its shadow and I am feeling wonderful, thanks again. I am still that happy person I used to be, no…
  • DagnyTaggart, you are right, extra virgin olive oil stays yellow even after 20 minutes. I tried it on my first 3 days of oil pulling, when it was the only oil at my hand. Now I have been oil pulling for around 40 days with sunflower oil, and it is g…
    in Oil pulling Comment by babybellabell
  • I hope to find such a wholesale market in Dallas, within my biking distance:) can not help missing the miscellaneous produce markets in China, and the abundance of public transportation!
  • Good job, jenergy! I can not help feeling very happy and proud for you, too :)
  • really appreciate your sharing, jenny, especially about the acid reflux. I reckon my case is similar to yours, because apple cider vinegar helps me too. Only, I have not tried digestive enzymes yet. I am going to buy some now, is there a preference …
  • Hi, Lindaintheraw, and Socal, really appreciate your patience in sharing your experiences and information. I can not wait to try them out right away! I wish I could be as knowledgeable and helpful as you guys. I felt so very obliged to everyone’s ki…
  • thanks Chilove, you are quite right, and I definitely must make plans to work on that. Allnatural, glad to hear that you are also a student, and we share some common concerns. For me, peanut butter, chocolate or cooked things have no attraction. How…
  • hi, spiritedmama, thank you:) I guess there does exist a lack of leafy greens in my diet ( in fact I tried incorporating them in my smoothies before, but went back to all-fruit smoothie because the taste is disagreeable to me) I will try to adapt to…
  • I am a banana&papaya girl
  • greater or equal to 60 days on 100% raw
  • Hi, I am Yanyan and 24 years old. I was inspired by the positive effects of a raw lifestyle(youth, energy, health, natural beauty, positive mind….the list goes on endless:) ), and took up 100% raw in March 2007, many good things have since happened …
  • hi, om, I signed up for the meetup, and RSVPed for the June 2nd meeting. Glad this one is so near that I could easily bike there:) Hope to see you then
  • I am in Richardson, TX, wondering if there are other Dallas people here, I am trying to find access to affordable organic produce by local farms, and still at a loss how. Would appreciate if anyone could share information.