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  • I transitioned to 100% raw a week and a half ago and after having generally clear skin for years, broke out with a couple dry rashes on my face and some pimples. Going raw in the past just made me feel kind of weak, but this time I have boundless en…
    in Ch-ch-changes! Comment by mooky
  • Breakfast: Spinach and banana smoothie again.. Lunch: couple spoonfuls of walnut taco mixed with salsa from last night on a bed of spinach pear oatmeal cookies (see above) Dinner: kale and cabbage slaw canteloupe Found the recipe for the kale and ca…
    in What You Ate Today Comment by mooky
  • A simple green smoothie of two handfuls of spinach and two bananas 2 raw oatmeal raisin apple cookies Leftover walnut tacos wrapped in lettuce with fresh salsa and 1/2 an avocado These damn cookies are going to be the death of me.
    in What You Ate Today Comment by mooky
  • Let’s Do Organic! Shredded Coconut and also Coconut Flakes. These are unsweetened, not sure about being truly raw. Some stores have a small raw foods section that carry Go Raw and Himilayan Harvest. The latter have a shredded coconut that’s actually…
  • I run a bulk department for a WFM in Massachusetts. As in terms of selection, it’s really up to the descretion of the buyer as to what we decide to sell. We can bring in and discontinue products as we see fit so every Whole Foods will be as varied a…
  • Most pie crust recipes call for some kind of ground nut and coconut oil, refrigerated, to firm it up. Spices are nice additions too.
  • Going back to the beginning topic of this thread and I haven’t seen anyone mention it yet, but there is a raw restaurant in Beverly, MA (just north of Salem). I have never been there nor know anyone who has been but as far as internet searching is c…
  • In some raw cookbook I was flipping through, they said that a pinch of asafoetida, or also known as hing (indian spice) on your veggies would cut down on gas. I haven’t tried this so I’m not 100% sure if it works.
    in evil awful gas Comment by mooky