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What You Ate Today



  • Today is going to be interesting. I had mongolian BBQ for dinner last night. Buckets of veggies with a little bit of noodles but I'm feeling the hurt today for that mishap.


    So far I've had a banana and my coffee + soy

    For lunch I'm having a veggie salad from California Pizza Kitchen

    and I've got 2 nectarines and some blueberries calling my name for later. We'll see.

    Have a great day all

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    joanna, I probably overhype them, but mangoes are awesome in a dressing. They provide that nice creaminess you are missing. Try the always delicious tomato, mango and cilantro combo.

    Awesome job on Day 4, btw. :)

    neskalee, for full grown cats/dogs you should feed about 2-3% of their ideal bodyweight. Young ones will eat quite a bit more, and much more frequently. My 3 cats and dog eat once a day, but some people feed 2X per day.

    I buy all of their food in bulk at Costco. Not organic, but works for now. I spend soooo much less money than I ever did feeding bagged or canned food.

    You could also try talking to hunters or butchers in your area to get scrape cuts. I've just been too lazy to do it... ;)



  • pixxpixx Raw Master

    neskalee~ The quantity is based on the weight of the animal. Here is a feed calculator:


    As for where to buy: You can purchase regular product at any grocery store, but then you will need to add supplements. If you choose a source that includes all parts (sorry, trying to make this as non-offensive as possible), & naturally raised, you will be better off. I posted some links to sources on post #355 of this thread.

  • Green Smoothie:

    coconut water






    Mixed greens salad w/sprouts and carrots w/salsa dressing (blended tomato, cilantro, scallions, and jalepeno)


    Dinner is going to be the beautiful cantaloupe I just bought and some red grapes... Mmmmmmm

  • sv3sv3 Raw Newbie

    mellon smoothie (soooooo good)

    green smoothie (kiwi, banana, apple juice, spinach, berries)

    salad with lettuce, toms, cucumber, sweetcorn & apple juice dressing


    steamed veg with bulgar wheat & chickpeas

    couple of handfuls of raisins (seem to have formed an addiction)

    pear cider - not raw - but it's a friday evening so heyho!

  • A simple green smoothie of two handfuls of spinach and two bananas

    2 raw oatmeal raisin apple cookies

    Leftover walnut tacos wrapped in lettuce with fresh salsa and 1/2 an avocado

    These damn cookies are going to be the death of me.

  • Breakfast: Spinach and banana smoothie again..

    Lunch: couple spoonfuls of walnut taco mixed with salsa from last night on a bed of spinach


    oatmeal cookies (see above)

    Dinner: kale and cabbage slaw


    Found the recipe for the kale and cabbage slaw in one of the early Supercharge Me podcasts. The salt wilts the kale and it is really delicious and a great way to include more greens in your diet.

  • RawaholicRawaholic Raw Newbie

    - 1 quart lemon water

    - 8 cups of watermelon (chopped)

    - 8 cups watermelon (chopped)

    - Salad ( 3 cups red lettuce, 1 cup spinach, 2 tomatoes, red onion, 1/4 cup chopped red bell pepper, 3 radishes, lemon juice, and salt)

    - a white peach.

    - 1 quart of smoothie (2 mangos, 6 cherries, 3 bananas, 1/4 tsp. cinnamon, vanilla, 2 tsp. cacao, 1 tbs. raw honey, 2 tbs. raw almond butter)

  • I've been eating way less raw lately, not sure why...but reading this has inspired me to try again. I miss eating mostly fruit and salad, I forgot how much so until just now! Thanks for all the inspiration everyone. : )

  • coffee + soy milk

    1 nectarine

    1 banana

    1 large romaine based salad with guac, carrots, cucumber and onion

    bean burrito with onion only

    about to have spanish rice and black beans lol

    raw ftl

  • sv3sv3 Raw Newbie

    mellon smoothie

    snack: apple, date, raisins, banana & buckwheat concoction :-)

    salad: spinach, cucumber, toms, sweetcorn & olives with apple juice dressing

    buckwheat & chickpeas with baby veg

    loads of salted peanuts - not good I know :-(


  • Morning: Green Smoothie (banana, strawberries, cacao powder, spirulina powder, spinach & nut milk)

    Midday: Cooked mushrooms & beer (my once a week cooked meal allowance - ate out with boyfriend)

    Dinner: Raw Veggie sauce over white sweet corn straight off the husk. My raw veggie sauce is basically a finely chopped (Cuisinart) assortment of whatever is fresh in my fridge at the moment. I make up a big batch once per week and drizzle it on pretty much everything that I eat (except for the sweet dishes).

    Lots and lots of water!

    I am looking forward to breakfast tomorrow, I got some delicious pink lady apples that I will be having chopped and smothered in raw almond butter. Mmmm...

  • Yesterday:

    -Apple cider vinegar and water when I woke up

    -1/2 honeydew

    -Smoothie: Banana, blueberry, basil, kale, 3 cups

    -Kombucha, delicious and home made! with orange juice and ginger slices

    -Smoothie: Mango, nectarine, romaine, chia seed - 1 qt (this was where the boredom eating set in)

    -5 Brazil nuts

    -3 nori rolls: guacamole, carrots, cucumber, red bell pepper, mustard greens

    -2 or 3 squares of dark chocolate

    That is a lot, right? I don't have much of an appetite today. I hate being bored at work, but it shouldn't last much longer because my boss is back from vacation.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    it's weird. for the past week, my hunger has gone down a lot. i'm just not in the mood to eat as much as i used to. my meals were always tons of bananas every day and loads of grapes. i am exercising more than i ever have (lots of bike riding) and i'm surprised i don't have a bigger appetite.

    also, i think i'm getting thrush. i used to get it a lot when i was younger and i'm not sure why i'm getting it again.

    breakfast- 1 cantaloupe

    lunch- small salad of iceburg lettuce, about 12 olives and a little bit of homemade salsa

    snack- 1 banana mashed up with maple syrup and cinnamon and 1 cut up apple

    don't know what is for dinner. my mom, grandma, and i are going to the farmers market.

  • sv3sv3 Raw Newbie

    1/2 honeydew mellon

    green smoothie

    kale salad with peppers, pinenuts, raisins and curried dressing

    Will have a veg stir fry for my dinner and then planning on taking a bag of cheesy kale chips to the cinema as last time I went, I got tempted by the pick a mix!

  • In my bag for today:

    3 bananas

    2 nectarines


    1.5 cups of spanish rice

    carrot sticks + 2tbsp organic PB

    dinner will probably involve a salad.

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    So far today:

    10 mangoes

    I visited the orchard this morning so I'll definitely be having lots of peaches for dinner. Then I'll probably make some raw pasta.



  • pixxpixx Raw Master

    -Smoothie of cantaloupe & mixed sprouts (pink kale, red cabbage, broccoli, alfalfa, clover)

    -Rainer cherries

    -two bananas

    -large salad of romaine, mixed baby greens, mixed sprouts (see above), carrot, sesame seeds, dressed with coconut & lime


    -small yellow watermelon

    Edit: aaannnd, I just polished off two champagne mangos! :~)

  • RawKarenRawKaren Raw Newbie


    Salad of goldbar squash pasta with mushrooms, served with pine nut and tarragon 'cheese'.

    English cherries

    Raw chocolate brownie


  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Yum, cherries! I'm still waiting for them at my farmers market.



  • LaEnsaladaLaEnsalada Raw Newbie

    Green Smoothie- Coconut water, mango, kale

    A little pineapple and some melon

    Carrot apple orange juice


    banana w/ almond butter

    some coconut water

  • sv3sv3 Raw Newbie

    4 Nectarines and half a banana

    Green smoothie - kwiw, banana, pear, spinach, mango juice, frozen berries

    Salad - lettuce, cucumber, tomato, sweetcorn, black olives, mango juice dressing


    ...not sure about dinner...craving something hearty as its cold here at the moment...stupid UK 'summers'!

  • Green Smoothie: Coconut water, Aloe Vera, Cherreis, banana, celery, VMG powder, Bee pollen.


    Salad: Mixed Greens, sprouts, Raw Kraut, Avo, Cashew Dressing

    Thai Cucumber salad with added corn (from Eating w/o Heating)





    Sprouted Grain Bread w/Raw Honey, coconut oil, cinnamon, himalayan salt

  • I'm depressed.

    I went completely crazy these past few days, even ate meat once =X and had a lot a lot a lot of dairy.

    I was still within a good daily range as far as calories go, but that's about the only positive thing I can say. I feel like crap! I feel like I ruined all the hard work I've done and I'm really really embarassed. I don't know where my motivation went, I was doing so great!! I just became severely depressed and started getting very self destructive.

    Ah well, trying to get back on track today. I brought the following to work:

    coffee + soy milk

    diced peaches

    2 nectarines

    a giant bundle of grapes


    hopefully that will hold me over til 4 pm...

  • neskalee- You can't expect yourself to be perfect and never slip! Going raw (or vegan, or vegetarian, or even just healthier) takes time and very very few people can just jump in and never look back. Yes you have done a lot of hard work but pat yourself on the back for it and don't look at your little slip as "ruining" it! Slips make you stronger and more determined to make it work. They teach you things. Now you know what triggers that sort of eating. Now you know might know how dairy and meat make you feel after awhile on vegan/raw. It's a learning experience! It's good that you're jumping right on track, that's exactly what you need to do so don't dwell on it. GOOD JOB!!!


  • Thanks for the encouragement iluvlife, I really appreciate it, but I still feel like crap.

    Honestly the worst part was that despite the stomach problems I encountered a few hours after eating that junk, I finally felt full and sated for the first time in a long time. I know that raw foods are better for me and Im sure at times I wasn't eating enough fruits and veggies but I did honestly miss the filling of fullness I got from denser fattier foods. ughhghghg

  • sv3sv3 Raw Newbie

    Don't worry neskalee, you need those bad days to make you appreciate the good ones.

    I had quite a bad day yesterday and must have eaten my body weight in Doritos! Went out on Sat night and drank far too much then ate very poorly yesterday. Whilst I'm kicking myself a bit, I've learnt not to beat myself up too much as these things are going to happen from time to time.

    It's so nice to be back on track today though and can't get enough fresh food down me. So far I've had:

    mellon smoothie

    carrot + hummus

    salad with lettuce, cucumber, toms, sweetcorn and olives

    2 apples

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Ditto iluvlife and sv3, you can't be too hard on yourself. It's just food! :)

    "I finally felt full and sated for the first time in a long time."

    Yep, you probably aren't eating enough. Even though raw foods are certainly "lighter" than cooked foods and won't give you that stuffed feeling, you should still feel satiated after each meal. Part of it might just be learning the difference between being full and being stuffed.



  • Thanks again everyone. And swayze you're right, I'm used to be stuffed stuffed!!!

    I'm still depressed. I was hoping that eating those foods would make me feel worse that it did honestly. I enjoyed it, I felt like I was catching up with an old friend and it had barely been a month. Now I'm not really enjoying the sweetness of fruit. I'll just have to stomach it and try and eat more salads.


  • breakfast: Green smoothie (Mango, orange, spinach, flaxseed, hemp protein powder)

    lunch: Salad (Lettuce, red pepper, cucumber, carrot, avocado, walnuts) Banana, dates

    snack: Almonds

    Dinner: Small Green smoothie, cauliflower w/gauc and yeast flakes

    Dessert: Blended frozen berries : )

    Hmmm this sounds like a lot now that I've written down ; )

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