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  • Lansing, Michigan. Indiana when I can swing it.
    in Raw Teenagers Comment by norajoan
  • I’m 19 and raw. People are really nice about it for the most part (I live in a co-op with a bunch of meat eaters and they LOVE my food). Though when I go to raw food events I do get a bit lonely as I’m usually the youngest by a lot of years.
    in Raw Teenagers Comment by norajoan
  • Thanks everyone! I’ve been adding celery to things and eating my seaweed and feeling good. I don’t have a juicer but I added celery to a green smoothie i had the other day and didn’t feel salt cravings at all. And also, it was delicious.
    in Salt Cravings? Comment by norajoan
  • This summer we grew edamame at the farm I worked on…it was delicious raw. I doubt you could find raw edamame commercially though. I did get nervous when I was eating it about if it was okay to be eating it raw. I don’t remember any digestion problem…
    in edamame Comment by norajoan
  • Just wanted to share my experience – I am a farm worker, and spent all last summer out in the full sun (open fields, tank tops, and shorts full sun) and never burned once. I was raw last summer. I was so scared that I was going to get awful burns as…