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Don't Be Afraid Of The Sun



  • dancharming – when I mentioned the “poorest people” I am not talking about americans. I am talking about latin americans, who eat rice and vegetables with the occassional dried fish when they are able to catch it. The concept of junk food is not known in 3rd world countries like it is in america and europe. So as far as toxin exposure, I’d say they get a very small amount. These people live in communities where the form of transporation is either walking or by horse, and they don’t use lotions and creams that would further damage the skin.

    However, we are in agreement that moderate sun exposure is best. We need the sun for vitamin D, but midday rays can cause some grave damage. It’s like being stuck in a dehydrator! We don’t want to cook and destoy our own composition of life.

  • HI I read that eating peppers for a couple months will give you protection from the sun. It takes a while to build up in the body but I think that it is really neat!

    That is an interesting topic SocaL- that really makes me think. My mom has had skin cancer removed a few times already. She has always drank wine and wine doesn’t have to abide by fda regulations so so of the cheap stuff particularily back in the 60’s and 70’s had formaldehyde in it. She also had breast cancer and lymph node cancer. She is in remission now. I also think there is a huge correlation between women pumping gas and breast cancer\ skin cancer. We have protectors now on pumps that keep the benzene down but for a good 20 years she was pumping her own gas. She used to drive a lot too because she was going to nursing school in Galveston TX when we lived near Houston. She did that commute for a couple years plus just likes to drive around a lot. I was suprised when I went through Washington State that people don’t have to pump their own gas. I wonder if someone could find a statistic on whether Washingtonians have lower cancer levels than people who live in other states. I know Louisianan’s have a super high rate of cancer because of all of the contaminated seafood they eat.

    Benzene is one the most canserous and mutagenic substances out there.

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Hi WE, just wanted to clarify…being from WA state originally, In WA, you do pump your own gas. It is Oregon that has people pump for you. It is the way the state keeps unemployment down a little. But, like you said, I would love to see a study to find out if there is some correlation to cancer and pumping gas. Yet another reason to find alternative sources of energy!

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    great thread guys!

    dancharming10, i really enjoyed reading your 17 points post – Can I ask? What do you do for living that you have never gotten angry before in your life (if you already mentioned it and I missed it, sorry about that)? How do you handle living in a a big city like London and not get stressed out? You must be a very patient person who grew up around people who never worried. It is the opposite for me – worry and impatience are something I have to fight to overcome every day since grew up in around worrier and negative thinkers.

    Back to the topic of the sun, I am very pale and always have been (kids used to call me ‘ghost” when I was little). So, wanting to be tan like everyone else was always a driving force in me, most of my life. Although I always got compliments on my fair skin from some people- I still hated being too white and always wanted to be all tan. To me, tan people looked relaxed and happy and healthy- I had some weird idea that if someone was tan that that meant they were a busy and important person – meaning since they were tan, They must have been out alot – on vacation, at the beach, at functions outside. I didn’t live near a beach and never have yet.

    I always only burn when I would lay out in the sun in a vain effort to be tan and if my burn eventually turned to tan – it would last about a week and disappear. I always used the sun lotions and blocks. I even tried using the sunless tanner when they first came out (I thought those were going to be my salvation) – ohimgod, what a disaster! It turned my skin ORANGE! The only way to get it off was to pour Clorox on my skin and rub the dye away.

    Now, that I am mostly raw – I can go out and only get pink the first time around and than after that I just tan. I did get a bit of burn recently on a camping trip (but than again I haven’t been very raw lately). Unfortuantley, I tan very blotchy since I have a skin condition called tinea versicolor which has gotten worse since I tanned alot this summer (and this only showed up since i have been raw too). So, I am avoiding the sun again (I have had probably enough exposure for the summer anyhow) so I can get back to normal skin color and get rid of the fungus (I can’t tell if it is gone until my tan goes away and I tan again next summer).

    Anyone know how to get rid of a tan (can’t believe I am asking that! ha ha!)? I think lemon juice. I have been doing skin brushing in the shower to try to exfoliate.

    I will never use sunscreen though. Every well-know raw foodists says it causes skin cancer. A good explaination too is Alissa Cohen – go to her site and listen to her Rawkin Radio podcasts (i think it is number 3). She explains how sunscreen works with the sun to cause skin cancer. It is quite interesting. :)

  • Writeeternity, I watched a documentary on rainbow foods the other week and they did an experiment with a woman who burned in the sun easily. They burned her skin on her back and then told her to eat a certain amount of tomatoes every single day for three months. She went back and they did the same burn test and she was 30% more resiliant to skin damage!

  • Oh I just looked for the thing I was talking about


  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    What amazes me is that without the sun, there would be no life, yet people are getting paranoid to be in it! I grew up spending lots of time in the sun. We didn’t wear sunscreen back then. Why do parents (grandparents) in my age group feel compelled to use it on their kids now? It’s because of scare tactics by big pharma/allopathic medicine and commercial products being advertised so relentlessly. I’m so much more aware of the toxic world now that I have developed a chronic illness. I need that sunshine now (and raw,organic food)!

  • Ironically on the news today over here one of the stories is about life style habits are causing cancer!! shock Horror!

  • Hi Queenfluff

    I believe I always had a calm enviroment around me, but I’m not sure, my mum always been very relaxed, my dad always been the opposite, my sister had same education than me but she is not into raw food and lifestyle, she is not as calm as me, she lose her temper very quickly, I believe it is part of my personality, it is extremely rare I lose my temper, if there is any problem with another person I always resolve it with diplomacy and communication and It seems like I always find a way to make everyone happy. I’m an art & antique dealer I have 5 people working for me so now I can take it easy, when I was around 25 I was managing one of my uncle’s restaurant, it was a complete mess, everybody was fighting, shouting to each other,the very panic during busy time etc I have been there 3 years and amazingly I never had a single fight, even the most difficult and rude people in there were always very kind with me, I remember a young guy from portugal was a very tiny guy, everybody was taking fun of him all day, this guy was closed in himself, didn’t talk to anybody, didn’t even say Hi to anyone,but as soon as he was seeing me he was smiling, greeting me and prepare me a cup tea ( at the time I was drinking tea, I stopped drinking hot drinks when I was 29) I was the only one not having fun of him, I was the only one talking to him and make him feel important, it didn’t take me lots of efforts to do that and in change I guess I received good karma. The people more rude, more stressed, the one easy to panic and lose their temper they didn’t progress much in life, they are still there working in the restaurant, doing something they don’t like just for money, still there shouting, swearing etc. Positive attitude is everything in life, you can achieve everything with positive attitude, the more positive you are and the more positive things will come in your life, I suggest you to do some meditation, I know more then 100 different meditation, please don’t hesitate to contact me privately if you want to know some. Breathing is very important, during my meditation I can easily reach 2-3 breathing a minutes, it may sound impossible but with lots of practice you can easily do it, just, try with 10 times a minutes first, then 5, don’t force your body, it is a gradual process, every human being breath between 25-30 times a minute, if you try to breath more deeply and less time every minute will be very beneficial for your health, try to do that when you have feeling of anger or hate inside you and you will feel much better

  • After re-reading Andreas Mortiz’s Liver cleanse book again I found it really interesting what he said about vitamin D and the sun. I was always wondering about Winter time with the lack of sunlight. Amazingly he said exposure to certain amounts of sunlight will allow your body to store enough vitamin D during the sunny days of the year to last you through winter.

    Lovely stuff!!

  • I am doing regular sun bath for past two years.Mostly upto 1hr after sunrise and from 1hr before sunset.I apply coconut oil all over body, some times olive oil. My 16yr old psoriasis healed well with sun,yoga,detox and raw food. I still have some small rashes.But i am in the right path.Any suggestions?

  • That’s wonderful! Have you heard of a book called “Healing Psoriasis: The natural alternative”? It is by Dr. Pagano. I got it years ago for my eczema. No one ever writes about eczema so I got that. I think it is a really invaluable book!! Have you thought of a liver cleanse at all? I think what you are doing already seems really beneficial to you. If you carry on this path I know that you will learn a lot more as you go on that will help you even further until you are free of a blemishes!!!

  • Thank you Little Mango, I haven’t read the book but i’ll try to get it. Can you explain more about liver clense. I really enjoy the energy from being raw.Our life changed from gloomy to enthusiasm.pl. reply.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    I haven’t read the entire topic here… but, while I was riding my bicycle this weekend (for 110+ miles) in the sun… I remembered that a nutritionist said… that when you get sun, make sure you get sun for AT LEAST 15 minutes a day and that the sun should hit the palm of your hands (feet)... he said some other stuff too… but the interesting part was the sun hitting your palms. Has anyone heard of this or know why this is beneficial?

  • Just wanted to share my experience – I am a farm worker, and spent all last summer out in the full sun (open fields, tank tops, and shorts full sun) and never burned once. I was raw last summer. I was so scared that I was going to get awful burns as it was my first time farming out in the sun like that but I never even got really pink. It was kind of incredible. This summer I was not raw (I am again now, but I am not currently farming) and I got the worst burn of my life my first day out in the fields.

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    Lycopene, a carotenoid, is good for sun exposure. It protects against UV rays. Lycopene is in tomatoes, the redder, the better.

  • DanCharming,

    Where did you find out that drinking hot drinks was bad for you? Was there a medical source or was it your intuition?

    Also, do you believe that drinking cold drinks has the same effect? I have read that eating/drinking foods that are not at your body’s temperature is not a good idea because the body won’t digest it until it is. It will thus exert more energy to get it to your body’s temperature before digesting it.

    Thanks for all your advice and consideration!

    Kind regards, Caroline

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