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    in Favorite Apple? Comment by honeywater
  • Palin has repeatedly demonstrated her poor understanding of science and what can only be described as an immunity to established scientific facts. When asked about creation vs evolution, Palin responded ‘Teach both. You know, don’t be afraid of info…
  • i draw/paint! i’m majoring in photography, though.
  • AH! that pizza does look amazing!!
  • TheRawDance – that video was amazing, your cocoa dance made my day! would you mind if i added you on youtube (my username is dandeliiion)? i have yet to put up any of my own videos, but i intend to at some point. i’m trying so hard to be raw and i a…
  • yes! bath and body works is where i buy all of their scrubs and lotions, but they don’t sell any of their make-up there. everything that they do have, though, i’ve tried. their stuff is AMAZING, especially the coffee bean eye cream!!
    in 100% pure? Comment by honeywater
  • i watched all the videos and read all the reviews on qvc and i’m sold! i’m going to buy a few things, i’ll let you all know how they are. :)
    in 100% pure? Comment by honeywater
  • i’m with shady lady – what happened? i do NOT want to be a snoop, but i’m concerned as to what is going on.
    in I'm Sorry :) Comment by honeywater
  • i don’t have any issues with god because i don’t believe in him. really, god/religion/whatever should not have even been brought up in this thread. sorry if i’m being a jerk, i’m not usually offended by much, but i haven’t slept in days and i am ins…
    in drunken eating Comment by honeywater
  • bible talks can be frustrating. i, for example, am agnostic. we just can’t assume the original poster believes in god. not to start any drama or anything! just wanted to throw that out there.
    in drunken eating Comment by honeywater
  • thanks! i looked up hing and it sounds interesting, it certainly won’t hurt to try it. i just hope it does taste similar because i am addicteddd to guacamole. :P i’ll let you know how it tastes if i can find it!
  • garlic is bad!? oh, but i LOVE it! what else could i put in guacamole? :( would it still be alright to put ON the face? i use it in a facial toner i made myself.
  • yey raw foods. :)
  • awesome! thanks again everyone! :D
  • thanks so much for the info! i actually have that book somewhere, i just never read it. i’ll have to dig it out to read!
  • gosh, i have a lot of reading to do now! you are all so helpful, thanks for everything!
    in Birth Control? Comment by honeywater
  • haha, thank you so much for all of the wonderful responses! you’re all so sweet and helpful!
  • food with lots of greens that don’t taste green-y! :d