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  • Sounds like a food allergy to me. Just my 2 cents!
  • Rawvolution’s packaging/presentation is pretty unappealing, but the food is very good! But I will agree that it was definitely on the salty side when I last ordered a few months ago. And their customer service is indeed very “casual”, at best. Pure …
  • I will second this one! Zoe's Spring Onion Cheese was the very first raw recipe I tried; took it to a VERY non-raw potluck and it was the biggest hit of the evening. It has been requested for me to bring to every party now. I am going to venture out…
  • I've been told by friends who swear by their Blendtecs, that if I invest the $ in a Blendtec or Vitamix, I will virtually eliminate the need for a separate food processor. Is this true??? I can't afford the $$ anytime soon, but considering that my c…
  • I see this is actually an old thread, but I still wanted to chime in... I am nowhere NEAR 100% raw, more like 50% at best, but I find it SO refreshing to see all of you folks here you have a healthy (no pun intended) view on raw eating... and doing …