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detox break-out! help

I was experiencing a rash on my arms and legs when I was eating 95% raw. I thought it was detox. I decided to slow down my detox because I was unable to eat any cooked food without feeling sick, and had decided to eat cooked vegan soups with my daughter (who LOVES cooked beans and soups).

I had thought that if I was eating raw all day, and cooked soups with my salad for dinner, I'd slow down my detox... but my rash has gotten worse. Of course, we started baking our own challah bread too, which is way cheaper and more fun than buying it. But let me tell you, it is hard to resist trying fresh baked bread... so I've had a bit of cooked bread too.

My rash is now so gross, and not going away. So, I'm torn, because it is so hard for me to cook large cooked soups for just my 6 year old, and not eat them, but I guess I will try going all raw again and see what happens. I know that I feel like crap right now, and I miss how great I felt when I was eating mostly raw.

So, my question is, how long have some of you experienced the rash from detox? does it go on for days, weeks, months? I'm getting worried that it is something else, as it is spreading and getting worse. :(


  • sorry, i've never experienced a rash! maybe it's an allergic reaction of some sort in the cooked food your consuming?? but if it stays or gets more worse in a couple of days, definetely go get checked by a doctor. Sorry! I know this isn't much help, but no one else has commented so I felt bad you hadn't gotten a response! Good luck and keep us updated once you discover where the rash came from!

  • Hi littlegems. Since day 2 of my going raw (started 9-22-08)I had a rash on my arm, would get some on my back and sides sometimes too but mostly on my right arm and now there's a few spots on my legs. I thought it was detox too, but now I don't think so. I just realized last week that everytime I would have a smoothie with bananas in it my stomach wouldn't feel good. So now I haven't eaten bananas for 2 days and my rash is slowly going away. I would get huge welts that just itched and itched - which then turned to scabs because I itched them too much. So it was pretty yucky.

    So maybe try cutting out bananas. I tried cutting out nuts too but that didn't seen to help the rash - it was only when I stopped bananas. Which is weird because I've never been allergic to them before.

  • thanks for the suggestions. I don't buy or eat many bananas, because I mostly try to eat local produce, and bananas are not local to me. :)

    I have a yeast overgrowth, have had it for years, and I suspect that as I detox, it is coming out. I had this rash long before I was eating cooked food, so I don't think it is strictly from the cooked food. I am going to see a new doctor next week, so I hope I can figure it out.

    I just realized that it could be from wheat! I've been sprouting wheat and eating that while being raw. I'm going to stop eating sprouted wheat and see if that helps.

  • Sounds like a food allergy to me.

    Just my 2 cents!

  • Sounds like an allergy to me.

    Maybe try to eliminate a food that you eat at least twice a week, or a couple of those and then bringing them back into your diet one by one.

    I really hope that it clears up, sounds like your liver is working very hard on some toxin. Good luck & let us know.

  • sounds mold, fungus, yeast related. try going a week without any grains, beans, hybrid foods. dont eat:





    sprouted beans or grains

    potato or yam

    seedless fruit

    and eat a lot of bitter greens like dandelion, kale, parsley and sea vegetables like kelp, dulse

    garlic and ginger are both strongly anti fungal

  • I agree with "DreamBrother" and would add bathing with about 10 to 15 drops of grapefruit seed extract to a basin (like those basins you'd get from a hospital)of very pure, filtered water. use that and give yourself like a full body "bed bath" twice a day with a soft (organic) cloth. It worked for a friend of mine who had a really bad skin rash. If you have a shower filter then I guess you could fill up your tub and just add the drops to your tub of water and take a regular bath. You could also try drinking clean water with grapefruit seed extract in it or taking it in pill form.

  • 1sweetpea1sweetpea Raw Newbie

    I have mentioned my rash in more than one thread. Mine was on my face, parts of my neck and only my left forearm, which seems odd. My lips felt super chapped and sore as well, which never normally happens to me. After 3.5 weeks, my face cleared up. The dry, rough and bumpy skin has remained on my arm, though the itch is gone. I'm exfoliating the area daily. I am taking the grapefruit seed extract internally every day, because I believe that yeast may be a factor in this outbreak. I think my body was thrown off by the increase in daily (sweet) fruit. In fact, I'm finding now that on days that I eat little to no fruit, I feel much more able to control my food intake and cravings. Yesterday, I ate 3 large apples around noon, then spent the rest of the day munching on everything sweet, salty and fatty. It was bizarre. I could chalk it up to it being "that time of the month", but I've noticed that the high fruit days wind up being the most erratic in terms of food choices and quantities. I'm going to focus more on vegetables for a while, to see if the cravings get under control. Needless to say, I'm wondering whether it was the fruit and its possible connections to yeast that are behind the rash and cravings. Someone mentioned that your liver is working on some toxin. I find that comment interesting, since oddly, on Tuesday, my skin seemed really jaundiced in colour. I'm back to normal today, but it was bizarre.

  • well, today, after 1 whole day of no wheat, my rash is subsiding... it's still here, but not as inflamed.

    I do eat a lot of:



    sprouted beans or grains

    potato or yam

    so I won't buy anymore of them for awhile (I have 1 carrot, 1 beet left)

    I'll save the potatoes, beans, and grains for my daughter.

    thank you everyone for all of your advice.

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