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  • Thanks to all you for the wonderul support and information. Today, my bischon, "Dakota" is getting additional bloodwork. I will be doing research on those websites you all provided while she is away. I'll tell you, though, for a 3-year-old, I cannot…
  • Where do you purchase Irish Moss?
    in Irish Moss? Comment by babydollsea
  • 1) What’s your most important staple? Bananas 2) What’s your favorite indulgence? Dates (Medjool) 3) What five things are always in your refrigerator? Spinach, kale, lemons, limes, almond mylk
  • I agree! I love that website!
  • I have this happen to me a lot. No matter what I say it falls on deaf ears! I, like you, feel fantastic! I use to take supplements just to feel this good before a workout! Now I get what my body needs from eating pure RAW food. It is a total shame t…
  • Bitt, I eat 4 to 5 a day…I love them. For me, eating raw is enjoying the fresh (in season) produce without the stress of how much or how little I am eating. Right now, bananas have given me the energy I need to sustain long cardio in addition to lif…
  • I noticed that when I don't stress out about what I eat raw, I actually feel better - I don't gain weight, sleep better and enjoy life more!
  • nycgrrl—-CONGRATS…Your time was fantastic! I know what you mean…Since raw food I am in the best shape at 47! I used to rely on supplements for performance but NO longer! Cardio and lifting has been phenomenal. This diet truly rocks!!! Best of luck o…
  • You are so awesome! Thanks…This will definitely put me on the right track!
  • TheRawDance, I was just on your website. It is so inspiring to see how you are healing and continue to look positive on your journey! I read your posts and they ARE so honest and pure. Thanks so much for sharing something so intimate. I hope you don…
    in TheRawDance Comment by babydollsea
  • Thanks so much mellie-bellie! I lucked out and one coconut was fresh, the other pink. I ended up making a Raw Cacao Coconut shake.
  • Thanks so much, everyone! I will definitely check out these websites!
    in RAW Almonds.. Comment by babydollsea
  • Thanks so much Bitt! I just signed on and was happy to read such kind words. I am doing much, much better! I am living raw 100%. I have been making a alot of the recipes posted here and various websites that endorse raw food living. I absolutely lov…
  • Thanks so much everyone. I am really enjoying this way of eating (and living). I still have a runny nose and cough. Otherwise, I feel great. My workouts are fantastic. The energy is amazing. I have been eating sprouted wheat berries, quinoa and lent…
  • Angie..Thanks so much! I probably will get the Omega 8005 (Although the blender sounds wonderful). You have been so helpful!
    in New to Raw!? Comment by babydollsea
  • Hi…I am new but very enthusiastic about eating this way. I have been doing some researching about equipment. Right now, I own a “cheaper” dehydrator. It doesn’t have a temperature control and teflex sheets. Before I venture into buying a new one (su…
    in New to Raw!? Comment by babydollsea
  • I am 100% Christian and moving towards 100% raw…I am new to the website and have learned so much…Thanks for this thread…I thank God for this diet too!