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  • forgot about this, she moved out several months ago, she stopped taking it so not sure what all it did do. She did not like my weird hippy ways, lol.
  • Thank you for this thread!! Getting answers can be hard, Google is for SAD told me to put sugar on it first. How long will can it be frozen?
  • I am sure you could.
    in jackfruit Comment by Blue_Eyes
  • It was pretty good. I also tried the canned because it was cheaper, the fresh was $30 for a whole fruit, and was quite messy to clean up extremely sticky. Probably won't purchase again at these prices. but it did smell and taste like juicy fruit gum…
    in jackfruit Comment by Blue_Eyes
  • I will post more as she gives me updates! Let me know if your niece trys it and how it works for her.
  • ninah, So glad it is helping you. I have recently been giving it to my new roommate, she has cerebral palsy and also just had surgery on her shoulder. I have been putting it in her smoothies and drinks and I asked her if her arm hurt and she said it…
  • QueenFluff had a great one on here but I can not find it  
  • It has been awhile hasn't it. I stop in to find receipes now and then but hardly ever post anything. I miss all the discussions tho. Nice to see your still around!!! The only experience I have had is my dr. was worried about my blood tests being hig…
    in Kidney Stones Comment by Blue_Eyes
  • I can't say for sure but I have been told that tons of watermelon and sitting in a warm bath will help you pass them. My daughter gets something that causes her jaw to hurt she drinks lots of Lemon water and it dissoves and removes it. I have always…
    in Kidney Stones Comment by Blue_Eyes
  • Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. Wonderful stuff.
  • I had one on my wrist for a couple of years, the doctor pressed on it and popped it and then every time it came back I would just pop it myself then it just went away. it is just like popping your fingers same thing gets released I cannot remember r…
  • There are a few thread on this already here is one with lots of comments http://goneraw.com/forum/change-eye-colour
    in eye color change Comment by Blue_Eyes
  • They think it is a disorder to NOT want pesticides and dead food, WOW
  • I have never had a migraine and I rarely ever get a headache but I have heard that drinking fresh celery juice everyday will keep them away. It cant hurt you so it may be worth a try. let me know, I know lots of people who get them but they they won…
    in MIGRANE Comment by Blue_Eyes
  • Sunscreen is highly toxic. If you are eating high raw you won't need it, I used to burn quite easily but being raw I started to tan instead. Remember your skin is your largest organ, EVERYTHING you put on your skin gets into your blood stream. The S…
    in Sunscreen Comment by Blue_Eyes
  • Ok I have a question for you. if God gave the go ahead to eat meat because of the flood killing off vegetation, and Noah only took two of each animal, then by starting to eat animals would that not have made several species extinct? So what animals …
  • Fabulous, can you tell me the other versus you have found? thanks
  • I found sites that said the coconut is not a nut it is a seed/fruit. and that the plant is not a tree. So it is not a tree nut. tested some on my nephew and got an all clear. which is good because he is running out of stuff to use on his skin. he mo…
  • Thanks, I have been researching the net and it seems that coconut trees are not really even a true tree , so stands to reason the two are not the same. So any allergy to both would not be related.
  • Is this even the same thing? My nephew is allergic to tree nuts, just wondering if he can have coconut.
  • I am going to order it for my oldest daughter, she does some things I tell her and does try other things. I bought her a juicer and I am amazed that she uses it everyday. Sometimes It is so amazing the other daughter thinks I am an idiot and talk to…
    in Pregnancy Guide Comment by Blue_Eyes
  • http://www.rawmom.com/well-rounded
    in Pregnancy Guide Comment by Blue_Eyes
  • That was Beautiful! I hope everyone watches it, I shared it on facebook as well. Thanks RawBeauty
  • I was told your eyes reflect your health and your digestive tract. Have you ever thought of doing a liver cleanse?
  • I have never seen rings like those before, but I do no that my eyes changed from hazel brown/green to slightly brown more greens and a thick blue ring around the outside. If I could stay raw all the time I My holistic angels said that my eyes will b…
  • koaselino, in helping with acceptance try reading "The Shadow Effect" by Deepak Chopra, Debbie Ford and Marianne Williamson. wishing you the best.
  • Yes it is best taken alone on an empty stomach
  • All grass is safe and good for you, but humans do not have the ability to digest grass fiber that is why cows have like 5 or 6 compartments in their stomach. Just juice the grass do not mix it with anything and wait an hour before eating or drinking…
  • Yes I was on steroids for 20 years for asthma and he said i had the beginnings of emphysema. Once I was upset over a break up and only drank coffee and ate grapes and I had to force myself to eat the grapes because I want nothing at all. for a week …
  • Yes fasting was a far cry better than what the doctor wanted, I was falling asleep while driving and he wanted to put me on anti depressants, just more damage. No matter how much I slept It was never enough.