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  • Izhpt- Do you have the recipe for the sprouted sunflower seed burgers??? I don’t have much time, unfortunately, to prepare meals. The best I can do is zoodles with varying toppings, green smoothies, maybe salads…but mostly since I’m not at home all …
  • Thanks for the responses. I really like the idea of corn and quinoa together. I’ll try that soon. Maybe tomorrow after I purchase some cobs of corn.
  • I also feel fine after eating green beans. In fact, I’ve been craving this raw soup I made using a whole bunch of green beans, juice of two lemons, salt, half an avocado, a garlic clove amd some onion, all blended in the blender and topped with chop…
  • Thanks germin8, I hope the best for you too!!
  • Wow!This is really ironic because since I’ve gone raw, my eyesight has gotten worse! It kind of upsets me because I’ve never imagined myself wearing glasses. My vision is ok with objects that are up close, but the further away the more blurry and un…
  • Oh thats terrible! I feel so sorry for the health of my family. If only they were more aware and educated about nutrition in the foods they eat.
  • and how do you use ACV for cleaning? Doesn’t it make things smell bad? (like rotten apples)
  • Is the chemical dipping really true???? Because I eat 1-2 young coconuts every morning!!!!!!!! And I absolutely love it!! Should I be worried?
  • Oh my god. I have those bumps too on the back of my arms (tricep area) and my thighs and a bit on my legs! I was hoping that going raw would help but it didn’t. I went to a lot of doctors too and the last one I went to told me to put a moisterizer o…
  • Whats an open plan home? I mostly spend time with my grandma and brother at the basement of our house even though my room is upstairs. As you can imagine, the kitchen down there is kind of attached to the living/family room , if I explained it right…
  • Thanks guys. I’m considering the 9 tray for two reasons. One, its a better deal. And two, I want to encourage my family to eat more healthier and raw so I think I should get the bigger one so I can share with everyone. The thing is, lately, I’ve bee…
  • I just had them today but I’m not sure if they were the noodles. They looked like kelp stripped into thin strands. They were good though.
  • Yeah, I’m not ashamed either but I don’t want to get glares from my friends or have them talk behind my back. In general, I’m not really good at dealing with tension from others and you know, those negative vibes. By the way, I think that the number…
  • ...Sorry for being a coward guys, but I don’t want being raw to seem like a big deal if I tell people that I’m specifically RAW vegan. The only people who know I’m raw are my extended family for now (we live near each other). You know, I even made m…
  • I didn’t tell my friends yet and I’ve been raw since last november, transitioning 6 months before that!! If it ever comes up in a convo with anyone, I just say I’m vegan. When they ask what on earth do I eat, I mention all the raw stuff and they don…
  • I gained weight. Still gaining. Not alot though, just a floppy tummy that I have to suck in so it won’t show that much. I’m not too worried about it because I know its because I stopped exercising.
    in Weight loss Comment by Samilicious
  • Tzefira, seriously, what do you buy for your family??? Like everyone else, I spend minimum $100 for the raw organic eating pig I am!
    in Grocery Bill!! Comment by Samilicious
  • cool! The banana dipped in bee pollen sounds yummy and fun! Does anyone know how long bee pollen lasts? Also, how do you know if its spoiled? Does it spoil? If so, does it get moldy when it spoils?
  • By the way, I like the texture of the softer bee pollen. Its so yummy and I like the way it melts easily in my mouth.
  • Rawkidchef, yes, I get free shipping too! And all 9 of those sheets for free! The website is http://www.rawveganbooks.com and it sounds like the best deal there is (unless anyone knows another source that can beat that..) However, since I live in Ca…
  • rawkidchef, lucky you!! congrats! did you order the teflex sheets too? they are free from the website i’m ordering from. hope you post super yummy recipes so I can try them when I get my dehydrator!
  • I’m about to order an excalibur dehydrator and hope I don’t come across the same issue! elizabethh, what kind of dehydrator do you have? By RawKidChef’s theory, did you use mesh sheets for your dough?
  • Oh great. Ive been eyeing the Lily of Desert brand for some time now. Does anyone have anything against this brand? Does getting store bought aloe vera juice matter like how it matters with fruit and veggie juice where fresh is best?
  • I ate it twice already. It is delicious. I like the chewy texture with the soft juicy texture of the flesh! Mangoes are so good that I like to eat them alone rather than mix them with anything!
  • I spend about roughly $400-450 a month for myself. Where I shop at is pretty expensive but they have the best variety of organic foods that is closest to where I live (and plus, I work there now). I’m not old enough to shop online, and my dad is kin…
  • Can’t believe I missed the “Red Cow” recipe! And that pickle recipe looks awesome too! tggoesraw- after picking them, when are they ready to be eaten? After a month? And what is the least amount of salt that can be added? I’m not really a salt fan.
    in Turmeric Root Comment by Samilicious
  • This is horrible! And I thought this country was improving!
  • I have a heater thing that I’ve been staring at and scratching my head in wonder as to whether or not it would be effient to use as a dehydrator. Maybe I can cover my food somehow with something so dust won’t get blown on it? Any thoughts?
  • I was going to post a topic about the same issue that I’ve recently developed! I used to be strict about not eating after 6 to 7:30, but now, I just don’t care and I fill myself waay up near bed time.