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  • I used to be an insomniac also, but not I also sleep like a baby. I used to weight 196 and now 143, almost to my goal weight. I love eating raw and for me, it is the only way. I have made a lifestyle change and there is no going back to SAD for me. …
    in Weightloss Comment by hleva
  • Good luck with this pregnancy and congratulations also!!!!
    in Hey guess what!!! Comment by hleva
  • When my avacadoes start softening up, I put them in the fridge and they keep much longer this way, at least one more week.
    in Avos!!! AHH Comment by hleva
  • Hi Lucy, I am a big fan of Dr. Gary Null and was following him before, but now I went raw. I don’t believe his similiar products to THE FEAST are considered raw or alive whole foods.
    in FEAST Comment by hleva
  • Candace, you and some others are so knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you so much for all your wisdom. I also love the fact, that you like to “cook”. You don’t run across many young ladies who like to take time to prepare food, be it raw or SAD food.
  • I make crackers using my pulp and some flax seeds, sunflower seeds and garlic, jalepeno pepper and spices. They come out very good!
  • While I don’t have a recipe for you, I bought this cream with the following ingredients from Tonya Zavestra: Ingredients: Organic Infusion (Purified Water, Extract of Organic White Tea (Camellia Sinensis) Leaf, Extract of Organic Echinacea (Echinace…
    in Face moisturizer? Comment by hleva
  • We went to the Phillipines last November and I bought some wonderful and very tasty foods from Whole Food Farmacy. You can check out their products at www.BetterHealth4Me@wholefoodfarmacy.com I was so impressed with the foods that I became a distrib…
  • Here is the website for those parchment paper that fits the Excalibur. http://www.harvestessentials.com/padi.html
  • I just attending a raw food “cooking” class yesterday. The lady who was teaching used parchement paper that she found that was cut to the same size as the Excalibur. I can find out from her where to buy them if you like. She said they were very reas…
  • I would love to try Durian also, but don’t know who would carry the frest fruit here.
  • On January 8th I started a 13 day Liquithon fast. They give you enough product to last 18 days, so that is what I did. I feel fantastic from doing this. Now my DH just started Liquithon yesterday. Here is more info on it: The Liquithon 13 days of ra…
    in Fasting Comment by hleva
  • I just ordered mine and can’t wait for it to arrive. :http://www.BetterHealth4Me.wholefoodfarmacy.com
    in Use of dehydrator Comment by hleva
  • Hi Joy, In my post about Phi Plus above, the first paragraph second to last sentence, states that it is a raw food. Our food products are dried in a process of lyophillization, in sublimated water vapor. In other words, the raw ingredients are place…
  • While this suggestion might not work for you for this trip, please keep it in mind for other trips. Phi Plus is the healthiest food in the world. It is a synergistic combination of all natural whole food ingredients including nuts, seeds, grains, fr…
  • Thanks for saying some wonderful things about Whole Food Farmacy. I love their products, but my favorite soup is AmpliPhi Red Farina. Maybe it is not considered a soup, but since you mix it with hot water, it is soup to me. LOL I also love Veggilico…
    in Whole Food Farmacy Comment by hleva