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  • haha oh no.. i killed it :( i hope it was still delicious mine broke down too making sweet potato pie so i totally get you.. luckily i had another one.. i am saving up for a vitamix because then all my problems will be solved, thats what i like to t…
  • raw vegan crack eh.. hahah yeah thats what i was wondering i will def check with the manufacturer… i am just hesitant to rule it out from my diet in its raw form just because, even with the caffeine, of all the antioxidant power that has been docume…
    in Green Tea?? Comment by k8lyn07
  • i have a suggestion/question to add…. i stopped drinking green tea until i found matcha, which i think is ground green tea leaves, pureed… i mix this with almond milk to make a kind of latte which tastes really good with crushed ice cubes and still …
    in Green Tea?? Comment by k8lyn07
  • okay one more haha, it would be helpful to be able to post a photo of a recipe you make, even if it is not yours.
  • i think it would be cool if you could also search by ingredients in the recipes which we have available in our kitchens, as well as to provide nutritional information with each recipe. i know fitday.com calculates nutritional info automatically for …
  • just wondering how long you can keep almond milk at room temperature out of the fridge , or if yuo can.. also how do you guys sweeten your almond milk? has anyone made different drinks out of it?
    in almond milk Comment by k8lyn07
  • do you guys know how long almond milk will keep at room temperature? i find it is good to blend in with recipes when you dont want them to be cold.
    in Almond meal Comment by k8lyn07
  • i want to ask the same thing as eliana, i have almonds that have been soaking in my fridge for about a week now and want to know if theyre okay, i kind of just assumed you could do that. also, i used almond meal to make a cake yesterday that was abo…