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  • This was posted on my Olive oil question post yesterday http://www.goneraw.com/forums/2/topics/5444- “angie writes, 17 hours ago: (859 posts) www.barianioliveoil.com
  • Thank you all very much! I will probably go ahead and finish up my bottle of Bertolli and will bookmark this thread when I head to the store to get more.
  • That is the same cacao I have too :) Gotta love $25 for 2lbs of it with free shipping :)
  • Im going to have another kale salad tonight :)
  • Oh and I had Kandace’s Avocado Kale Salad last night for dinner and OMG! it was SOOOOO good! I have never eaten kale in a salad before :) I am going to have that quite often.
  • Well so far so good – I weighed this morning just to see and im down 3lbs with eating my chocolate smoothie :)
  • Thanks Pian :) I’ll be honest….I am lazy when it comes to preparing food :) I like to grab some fruit or veggies – wash them off and eat them.
  • Ack I forgot to add I eat an avocado with lunch as well….yeah two pieces of fruit dont do it for me either!
  • I currently drink a green smoothie every morning – 1 banana, berries, water and as much spinach as I can cram in there, That is the ONE thing that I have made sure to keep doing no matter what else I ate during the day. Lunch I am going to try to ha…
  • Ok dont want to gross you guys out but the smell of maca reminds me of vomit lol. BUT! I do put it in my smoothies. Every single first drink makes me go bleh a bit but after that I enjoy the taste as long as I dont smell it.
    in Maca??? Comment by Rawkincake
  • Not to freak you guys out (well maybe I am) but my friend told me a story about a friend of hers that bought some reeses cups and bit into one and there were maggots in the middle! EWWW!!! I quit eating them after that! And my brother in law stopped…
  • I got a Oster Blender w/ a food processor cup for about $35-$40 from Walmart a few weeks ago and I really like it. It has a black base.
  • I did great all day then I had a weird dizzy thing happen to me when I was laying down reading a book last night. I went and had two bagels w/cream cheese after that and a root beer!!! UGH! Anyway, I am focused today and so far have had a green smoo…
  • I am up for this! I went raw beginning of Feb but fell hard off the wagon….im still eating raw meals but then I will eat cooked meals too – I need some accountability to keep me focused!
  • I am struggling with the jar weakness and leaking that whonnoswho posted about on the Healthmaster 100. The blade is loose and the liquid seeps slightly out and has made the bottom outside of the jar a horrible rusty mess and it takes about 20 mins …