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  • i take both E3 and wheat grass, but at different times during the day. i’m a huge fan of E3 and experienced significant benefits—brighter skin and coloring, hair growth, increased ability to heal, esp. after strenuous workouts. they’re both wonderf…
  • ha. i was on a juice fast this past fall and tried to make a green juice that was supposed to taste like pizza. first of all, pizza-juice should have been a red flag, but in my desire for substantive food it sounded like a life saver. and um…it was…
  • Hey Ceci, I agree that those are both good places to start. One word of caution about Rawvolution: many of their items are so salty as to be inedible—and this is coming from a salt-lover. They have a good product and offer a wonderful service in an …
  • uhh….what? socal, where did you read that?
  • ambikalee that is a little gross and a whole lot helpful. i don’t know where else we’d have gotten that information! otherwise, my periods have been totally erratic since going 95% raw about 6 months ago. the last thing i gave up was a bit of skim m…
  • i severely cut back on my dried fruit and nut intake per some other gone rawbies recommendations and that has really helped me to feel more balanced. i think zoe’s advice is right on, too.
  • i’m trying to pay more attention to my food combining too…what’s a good book to start with?
  • hey joseegonthier, i take megafoods skin, nails, and hair:http://www.megafoodonline.com/MegaFood-Skin-Nails—Hair-DailyFoods-60-tablets-p-223.html it’s great actually, especially if you’re not into MSM. the other product that i really recommend for E…
  • i was taking MSM in powdered form and just couldn’t take the taste and after taste. honestly it was ruining my day. i talked to a bunch of rawbies about it and most of them said it’s a supplement we can do without. of course, there are many supposed…
  • by the way i’m an idiot. i just saw the post like 7 lines down.
  • i was trying to find an earlier post, but i missed it. i will look again. i think it’s worth a try for sure—and let you know how it goes!
  • i think the people on this site are so wonderful. thanks for the positive, helpful comments everyone.
  • i’m totally experiencing the same problem. It’s like, i can either totally avoid all dried fruit, or i want as much of it as possible. i loooove sweets. i’m doing a dry-fruit fast this week because my dependency on them got a little too intense.
  • seriously, this is so helpful. i feel like i should have figured the nausea thing out cause i take E3 and it was the same thing at first. i’ve been kind of erratic in my wheatgrass dosing, too, so i should probably get on a more regular schedule wit…
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  • it’s amazing how sensitive we are about food, even when we’re comfortable and happy with the personal choices we make. people who claim not to take much of an interest in issues related to food have expressed real concern at my being raw, and assume…