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  • There was a thread started a while back for Atheists & Agnostics. Seems to be quite a few on here :) http://www.goneraw.com/node/17702
    in Any Raw Atheists? Comment by thorne
  • Thanks for the link Chanie :)
    in New Jersey Comment by thorne
  • I guess I have more options in Monmouth County. There are 4 health food stores and a Wegmans all within a few minutes and there are quite a few organic farmer's markets one even within walking distance of my home. Chanie..My parents live in Toms Riv…
    in New Jersey Comment by thorne
  • I live in NJ. Monmouth County. I find it very easy eat raw here with so many health food stores in my area.
    in New Jersey Comment by thorne
  • Chanie, Dean's Health Food Stores carry raw foods, He's in Ocean Twp & Shewsbury. Also Natures Corner in Spring Lake which would be closer to you. I only eat raw so I haven't gone here in years but Kayas Kitchen in Belmar is a great vegetarian r…
  • I live in NJ also, Monmouth County. I have 4 amazing health food stores close by all that carry lots of raw foods and great organic fruits and veggies and lots of vegetarian restaurants near me. Plus there's Wegmans that has a huge organic selection…
  • I'm sure it would still be good with the small white ones... usually with those I make an "egg" type meal by blending sunflower seeds, avos, mustard seed, turmeric, sprinkled with paprika (there's a few "egg" recipes on this site) then I stuff the w…
  • I lightly marinate the caps in oil, vinegar or lemon and some herbs like rosemary and thyme. I make a sauce (marinara or pesto), then sometimes a seed 'cheese', then on top I put thin strips of peppers & onions. Sometimes I put olives, basil or …
  • They are very good =) I like to marinate the mushrooms to make them softer and give extra flavor. Putting different toppings is the fun part, there are so many options!
  • I sometimes use large portbello mushroom caps as my crust for a mini pizza. You can make them like pizza bites and perhaps make a few different toppings.
  • I have never used it but found this http://www.greenfeet.com/itemdesc.asp?kw=Commode-Brush-Coir&ic=5501-02138-0000&eq=
    in Bathroom Cleaning Comment by thorne
  • www.lush.com They make products from fresh, organic fruit and vegetables, made fresh by hand using little or no preservative or packaging, using only vegetarian ingredients. No animal testing. They have soaps, deodorants, shampoos etc..
  • It is sad because you see the unique personalities that animals have and then you think of the others who didn't escape and what happens to them.
  • Feisty lil cow she is!
  • I like it a lot. It's the only oil I buy. No strange smell. It tends to have a lot of sediment on the bottom, so it would look a bit strange if you're not used to that. The bottle is fairly dark, even though it doesn't look that way in the photo, it…
  • http://www.worldpantry.com/cgi-bin/ncommerce/ExecMacro/napavalley/home.d2w/report I get Napa Valley Organic Unrefined EVOO from FoodTown and it says right on the bottle Cold Pressed at Temperatures below 98.5 degrees.
  • I'm in Central Jersey (Monmouth County) .. kinda far, but if you start something let me know.. I'm sure I could find an excuse to go to A.C. from time to time =)
    in Raw South Jersey Comment by thorne
  • I was answering part of her question as to why it would matter to drink vegan wines. I didn't think it was a weird comment just answering her question! =)
    in Alcohol & Raw? Comment by thorne
  • Vegans do not consume any animal products. That's why it is important for a wine to be Vegan to a Vegan. It's not just a health issue for a Vegan.
    in Alcohol & Raw? Comment by thorne
  • http://www.theorganicwinecompany.com/vegan.php they carry organic, vegan wines
    in Alcohol & Raw? Comment by thorne
  • i buy Napa Valley Unrefined Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil. It says on the bottle Cold Pressed at Temperatures Below 98.5 degrees. http://www.worldpantry.com/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/ProductDisplay?prmenbr=121121&prrfnbr=132777
  • Lots of avocados and tomatoes for me. I make guacamole, salads and soups with them.
  • Every day I've been having a salad with romaine, tomato, avocado, raw black olives and my homemade fig dressing.
  • I live in NJ also. If you are near Monmouth County there are 2 Dean's Health Food Stores that have a big selection of organic and raw foods. They have raw nuts, they have dates, a juice bar and even prepared raw foods such as dehydrated pizza, crack…
  • this company makes organic, vegan wines you can order: http://www.theorganicwinecompany.com/specialty_wines.php
    in is wine raw? Comment by thorne
  • http://lush.com They make products from fresh, organic fruit and vegetables, essential oils and safe synthetics. Their soaps are made by hand and they do not test on animals.
  • I love delicata squash.
  • I live in Asbury Park. Not sure I can make it to this one, but will look for future meetups.
  • http://www.theorganicwinecompany.com they have vegan organic wines. click on the specialty wines tab on the top.
  • Vegetarian. I eat all raw but I do drink coffee.